Who owns Bluestone National Park?

Who owns Bluestone National Park?

William McNamara, owner and founder of Bluestone was born in 1956 and raised on the family farm in Burton, Pembrokeshire.

How many employees does Bluestone have?

Company Growth (employees)

Employees (est.) (Apr 2022) 582 (+5%)
Website Visits (Jan 2022) 740.7 k
Cybersecurity rating C More

How many lodges does Bluestone Wales have?

The resort now has 268 lodges catering for family and non-family markets. “This is a significant milestone for Bluestone,” said CEO, William McNamara who had the vision to establish Bluestone as an economic driver for rural Pembrokeshire.

When did Bluestone open?

July 2008
Opened in July 2008, Bluestone sits within 500 acres of countryside and woods near Narberth and close to the coastal town of Tenby. It comprises nearly 300 luxury timber lodges, cottages, and studio apartments surrounding a private village.

Who owns Bluestone in Pembrokeshire?

The Bluestone resort in Pembrokeshire is being taken over by members of its own management in a deal believed to be worth £10m. The upmarket holiday park near Narberth is currently owned by majority shareholders the Welsh government’s investment arm Finance Wales and Lloyds Banking Group.

Why is it called Bluestone?

The term “bluestone” is derived from a deep-blue-colored sandstone first found in Ulster County, New York. It can, however, appear in many other hues, mostly shades of grays and browns. Bluestone quarrying is of particular value to the economy of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

How many stores does Bluestone have?

Launched in 2011, Bluestone is one of India’s largest omnichannel jewellery companies. At present, it has 18 stores across India.

What kind of company is bluestone?

Bluestone (Accessories) General Information The company’s chain offers designer jewelry, gold coins, and other accessories with a money-back guarantee, certification and lifetime exchanges, enabling consumers to get the ease of experience luxury shopping from the comfort of their homes.

How many acres is Bluestone?

Biodiversity: Variety and Variability Bluestone’s 500-acre resort is incredibly rich in terms of biodiversity and we like to think of it as a nature reserve with lodges.

How old is Preseli bluestone?

The famous Stonehenge in England is made up of 43, 4,000-8,000 pound blocks of Preseli Bluestone. Stonehenge is estimated to be over 5,000 years old (dating back to 3100 B.C) and is thought to have once contained over 80 Preseli Bluestone “standing stones”.

Where do bluestones originate from?

Preseli Hills
Bluestone is the term used to refer to the smaller stones at Stonehenge. These are of varied geology but all came from the Preseli Hills in south-west Wales.

Is BlueStone owned by Tata?

Ratan Tata-backed online jewellery start-up BlueStone.com, which had notched up 50 per cent market share in 2015 and since then slipped into the red, is planning a comeback with an IPO lined up in two-three years and a $50-million pre-IPO fund-raise next year.

What kind of company is BlueStone?

Is Bluestone owned by Tata?

What does preseli mean?

The Preseli Hills or, as they are known locally and historically, Preseli Mountains (Welsh: Mynyddoedd y Preseli / Y Preselau English: /prəˈsɛli/, prə-SEL-ee) is a range of hills in north Pembrokeshire, west Wales, mostly within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Is Preseli bluestone rare?

Science & Origin of Preseli Bluestone Preseli Bluestone, also known as Preseli Stone or Preseli Spotted Dolerite, is a very unique and rare igneous rock that crystallizes in the form of masses.

Why is it called bluestone?

How many stores does BlueStone have in India?

At present, it has 18 stores across India. The company is targeting revenue of Rs 1,000 crore ($140.4 million) in FY19 and expects to achieve profitability around the same time.