Who owns La Presse?

Who owns La Presse?

Power Corp
The Desmarais family has owned La Presse for more than 50 years as part of its conglomerate, Power Corp.

Is La Presse free?

The $40-million tablet app, which the industry was baffled to see La Presse make available for free, now accounts for nearly 30 per cent of total ad revenue at the newspaper. When La Presse launched its app for free after a $40-million investment, industry insiders were baffled.

Is La Presse a newspaper?

La Presse, founded in 1884, is a French-language digital newspaper published daily in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is owned by an independent nonprofit trust. La Presse Inc.

Who owns La Presse Montreal?

La Presse (Canadian newspaper)

Type Digital newspaper
Format Tablet digital, Website, Mobile app
Owner(s) La Presse Inc.
President Pierre-Elliott Levasseur
Editor Guy Crevier

What kind of newspaper is La Presse?

Description. La Presse is a digital newspaper as well as a web site and a mobile app, aimed at an educated, middle-class readership. Its main competitor is the daily tabloid Le Journal de Montréal, which aims at a more populist audience. La Presse comprises several sections, dealing individually with arts, sports,…

What happened to La Presse Canada?

La Presse was formerly a broadsheet daily, considered a newspaper of record in Canada. Its Sunday edition was discontinued in 2009, and the weekday edition in 2016. The weekend Saturday printed edition was discontinued on 31 December 2017, turning La Presse into an entirely digital newspaper marketed as La Presse + (pronounced ” La Presse plus “).

Does La Presse endorse the Liberal Party?

Similarly, with Stephen Harper ‘s Conservatives having been in power for nine years at the time, La Presse endorsed Justin Trudeau ‘s Liberal Party in the 2015 election. Guy Crevier is currently the editor, and François Cardinal is the assistant editor.