Who owns Saudi Fransi?

Who owns Saudi Fransi?

Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF) (Arabic: البنك السعودي الفرنسي) is a Saudi Joint Stock Company established by Royal Decree No. M/23 dated June 4, 1977….Banque Saudi Fransi.

Type Public
Headquarters Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Key people Mazin Abdulrazzak AlRomaih (Chairman) Mr. Rayan Fayez (CEO)
Net income SAR3,532 million (2017)

How do I call Fransi Bank from Saudi Arabia?

Call 8001242121 inside KSA or +966920000576 outside KSA. Choose your preferred language by pressing (1) for Arabic of (2) for English. Press (1) for FransiPhone services.

How can I open account in Saudi Fransi?


  1. Fill in account opening application.
  2. Saudis’ valid ID.
  3. Family registration ID or certified family record with personal identifier companion (for ladies only)

How can I open Saudi Iqama account in Fransi Bank?

How to Register

  1. Click on “Register” option.
  2. Choose either bank account or credit card to register.
  3. Enter your card number.
  4. Enter your ATM or Credit card PIN Number.
  5. Enter your account number.
  6. Enter your ID or Iqama number.
  7. Please enter the code shown (Captcha)the box above using normal keyboard.

How can I get loan from Saudi Arabia Fransi Bank?

  1. Signed copy of your valid ID.
  2. Original salary transfer certificate.
  3. Bank statement for the last 3 months.
  4. Valid national ID or Iqama or Passport for GCC nationals.
  5. End of service benefit commitment (for non-Saudis)
  6. Salary paid in to your Banque Saudi Fransi account.

How can I update my Iqama in Fransi Bank?

Update ID by visiting a Saudi Fransi Bank branch Take the customer services token and explain the purpose of your visit upon your turn. The bank officer will take your Iqama, make its copy, print a form from the system and ask you to sign it. Soon, he will update your ID expiry date in the Saudi Fransi Bank system.

How can I pay my Saudi Fransi credit card bill?

You can pay through convenient online banking through Fransi Plus, on the Fransi Mobile app, over the telephone, in person at one of our branches, or at a conveniently-located ATM near you.

Can I open bank account online in KSA?

The process of opening a bank account online Filling the bank account application form via the website. Verifying your mobile number. Documenting your information with Absher. Once you complete the account opening process, you will receive an SMS message with your account information.

How do I update my Fransi account?

The easiest way to update your ID online is through Saudi Fransi Bank mobile application.

  1. Install the application either through Playstore or iTunes and login to your account.
  2. You will find a message on your home screen that your resident identity card has expired XX number of days ago. Tap on this message.

How can I update my Iqama in Fransi bank?

Which bank gives personal loan easily in Saudi Arabia?

Riyad Bank offers you easy and convenient finance to achieve your goals without the need to shift your salary to Riyad Bank.

Which bank gives personal loan without salary slip?

A good CIBIL score “A good score instils faith in the lender, who then approves your personal loan without a salary slip. A good CIBIL score can also get you good personal loan rates of interest.” IDFC FIRST Bank, for instance, offers attractive interest rates for borrowers with an excellent credit score.

How can I update my Iqama in Saudi Fransi bank online?

  1. There are 3 ways to update your Iqama online with Saudi Fransi Bank i.e. with Mobily Application, Internet Banking, or branch visit.
  2. The easiest way to update your ID online is through Saudi Fransi Bank mobile application.
  3. Tick the box which shows that your iqama has been renewed and tab the “Update” button.

How can I renew my Saudi Fransi ATM card?

• Renew mada Card You will be able to renew your mada Card wither expired or about to expire. You will need to insert the same card that you would like to renew and authorize the transaction by entering a one-time password, which will be sent to your registered mobile number during the transaction.

How can I open a bank account in Jeddah?

Bank accounts in Saudi Arabia….As a resident, the basic requirements for opening a personal savings or current account are:

  1. Your original passport plus a copy.
  2. A copy of your iqama or visa page proving you are a legal resident of Saudi Arabia.
  3. A letter of no-objection from your employer or sponsor (called a NOC).

What is Moi number in KSA?

To submit a report or security information to the Ministry of Interior, call (991). Or fax: 011-4052579. Or call emergency number (911), in Riyadh and Makkah regions.

How can I get loan from Saudi Arabia Fransi bank?

What is the salary for loan in Al Rajhi Bank?

Customer’s salary must be Min. SAR 10000 * for refinancing. Customer’s salary must be Min. SAR 4000 * for Buy Out.