Who owns Zizzis?

Who owns Zizzis?

The Azzurri Group
The Azzurri Group. The Azzurri Group is one of the UK’s largest and most successful casual dining businesses. We operate two leading national Italian brands, Zizzi and ASK Italian, and the UK’s leading quick-service Italian, Coco di Mama.

Why is it called Zizzi?

But rather, er, it means prick. Yep, Zizzi means prick in France – apparently/allegedly/potentially, anyway.

How many Zizzis are there in the UK?

Since first opening our doors and firing up our signature pizza ovens in Chiswick over 20 years ago we’ve opened over 130 restaurants across the UK & Ireland, each individually designed with touches unique to the local area and perfect for all occasions.

Who owns Coco Dimama?

the Azzurri Group
Under its parent company the Azzurri Group, grab-and-go Italian restaurant brand Coco di Mama is bringing its faster pasta to the masses. I have always had Coco di Mama, the quick-service Italian concept founded by Jeremy Sanders and Daniel Land in 2011, down as one to watch.

Is Prezzo going bust?

Italian chain Prezzo will permanently close 22 restaurants after being bought out of pre-pack administration by private equity firm Cain International. As a result of the deal, 22 of the high street stalwart’s 178 restaurants will not reopen. Cain said that 216 of its 2,900 jobs would be lost.

What language is Prezzo?

English Translation of “prezzo” | Collins Italian-English Dictionary.

Where does Coco di Mama come from?

Coco di Mama first opened its doors in London in April 2011, with the sole mission to become the nation’s most loved Italian-to-go. Since then, we haven’t stopped serving up our award-winning pasta – alongside “the best coffee in the city” (City AM) – for our hungry, carb-loving community.

What is a prezzie?

/ˈprezi/ /ˈprezi/ (also pressie) (British English, informal) ​a present that you give somebody, for example for their birthday.

Who owns Coco de mama?

An interview with co-founder of Coco di Mama. Lifelong friends Daniel Land and Jeremy Sanders founded the Italian food chain Coco di Mama when they were just 26 years old and opened their first restaurant, in London’s Fleet Street, in 2011.

Is Coco di Mama healthy?

Coco di mama provide healthy pasta by the pot to satisfy cravings and fulfil nutritional requirements for you to grab while your on-the-go. They also make sure to pack those pots with nutrient-dense pasta that’s as delicious as it is healthy.