Who plays the boy in Freaky Friday?

Who plays the boy in Freaky Friday?

Ryan Malgarini
Lindsay Lohan may have been the star of Freaky Friday, but her adorably hilarious little brother easily stole the show. At just 11-years-old, Harry Coleman played by Ryan Malgarini, had some truly iconic moments. Now 12 years later, Ryan has resurfaced, and he is almost as adorable as he was in the movie.

Who was supposed to be cast in Freaky Friday?

Jamie Lee Curtis was offered the role of Tess at the last minute, after Annette Bening dropped out for undisclosed reasons four days before filming began. Kelly Osbourne was originally set to play Maddie, but withdrew when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She was replaced by Christina Vidal.

Who was Lindsay Lohan’s first kiss?

Lindsay Lohan’s first kiss probably went a little differently than she imagined it would. Lohan’s Freaky Friday costar Chad Michael Murray stopped by Busy Tonight with host Busy Philipps where he revealed that he was actually Lohan’s first kiss when the actress was 16.

Did Jamie Lee Curtis play the guitar?

Jamie Lee Curtis actually played guitar for her insane guitar solo. In an interview with New York Post before the movie came out in 2003, Curtis shared that she did learn to play guitar for the film and it was one of her favorite things about working on the movie.

Did Lindsay Lohan sing and play guitar in Freaky Friday?

Lindsay Lohan had to learn to play the guitar after being cast as the daughter in Disney’s remake of Freaky Friday (2003). She does play the guitar in the film, but her guitar playing wasn’t included in the soundtrack.

Did Jamie Lee Curtis really play the guitar in Freaky Friday?

Did Lindsay Lohan really play the guitar?

Are Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis friends?

In addition to nailing the part — fans are still obsessed with Curtis’ portrayal in the film — she also made a longtime friend in her co-star. And, as it turns out, both Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan still communicate… just in a bit of a “freaky” way.

Is Jake in Freaky Friday a student?

When Tess takes Anna’s test, Stacey makes it look like she is cheating and as a result Tess gets detention. She is able to finish it later with the help of Jake, an older student whom Anna has a crush on (she also gets revenge on Stacey by erasing all of her answers and replacing them with “I’m stupid!”).

Does Lindsay Lohan play guitar Freaky Friday?

Can Jamie Lee Curtis really play a guitar?

Does Lindsay Lohan really play guitar?

Is Freaky Friday based on a true story?

Freaky Friday is a 1976 American fantasy-comedy film directed by Gary Nelson, with the screenplay written by Mary Rodgers based on her 1972 novel of the same name….Freaky Friday (1976 film)

Freaky Friday
Directed by Gary Nelson
Screenplay by Mary Rodgers
Based on Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers
Produced by Ron Miller