Who plays the Yellow Eyed Demon in Supernatural?

Who plays the Yellow Eyed Demon in Supernatural?

Fredric Lehne
Azazel (Supernatural)

Portrayed by Fredric Lehne (main) Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mitch Pileggi, Rob LaBelle, Lindsey McKeon, etc. (possessing)
Voiced by Naoya Uchida (Anime, Japanese dub) Alain Goulem (Anime, English dub)
In-universe information
Nickname The Demon The Yellow-Eyed Demon Yellow Eyes

What is Dean Winchester’s fatal flaw?

AND THEN LUCIFER TAKES SAMMY (and Jack). So, Dean is thoroughly primed to act. We know he has the “hamartia,” his tragic flaw about saving family.

Who plays the devil in Supernatural?

Mark Ross Pellegrino
Mark Ross Pellegrino (b. April 9, 1965) is an American actor. In Supernatural, Mark portrays the widower Nick, the Archangel Lucifer, Sam and Castiel’s Lucifer-hallucination and later Jack’s Lucifer hallucination. He was promoted to series regular in Season 12.

Who played Michael on Supernatural?

But if there’s one thing Supernatural hasn’t been shying away from in its 15th and final season, it’s familiar faces. And in the fall finale, the show is bringing back not only Adam but also Michael, both of whom will be played by Jake Abel.

Who is Azrael in Supernatural?

Azrael was an angel that was cast out of Heaven by Metatron’s spell. Malachi told Castiel that he died from injuries in the fall, along with many other angels, including Sophia and Ezekiel.

Is Dean Winchester suicidal?

Dean Winchesters attempts suicide on a dirty motel bathtub, ending brain dead on a hospital. A trickster promises John and Sam that he will save him for “free”, as long as they both get through watching a series of Dean´s memories, good and bad.

Why did Famine not affect Dean?

Back at the hotel, two demons release Sam and prepare to fight, but Sam, unable to resist, drinks their blood and leaves to find Dean. While conversing with the Black Horseman, Dean is told by Famine that he is empty inside which is the reason why he remains unaffected by his influence, Famine mocks him for this.

Does Dean become Michael?

Spoilers ahead for Episode 2 of Supernatural Season 14, called “Gods and Monsters.” Supernatural knows how to end its seasons on killer cliffhangers, and Season 13 ended on a doozy. As part of the effort to take out Lucifer once and for all, Dean became vessel to the archangel Michael.

What did Deans death book say?

In Prophet and Loss, Dean reveals that the book Billie gave him reveals that the only solution is for him to trap himself and Michael in a Ma’lak Box and it gave him directions on how to create one.

Does Lilith have yellow eyes?

Powerful demons have white eyes when they go all demonic, demons such as Lilith, and Alastair. Lesser but powerful demons still only have black eyes, such as Meg and Ruby. But there is only one Yellow Eyes.

Why did Azazel have yellow eyes?

Azazel does need a vessel, when he died we saw black smoke leave the body he was possessing. I don’t think he’s an angel though, I think he has yellow eyes because he was one of the first demons created by Lucifer, otherwise he would have normal looking or white eyes.

Is Dean depressed in Supernatural?

Losing Castiel Castiel had been killed at the end of the 12th season and the Winchesters burned his body to avoid possession, giving him the hunter’s funeral he deserved. And this led to Dean entering a state of depression.

Who died more Sam or Dean?

From the beginning of Supernatural to the end, both Sam and Dean met multiple demises. Sam specifically died a whopping eight times. Without any further ado, here’s the full rundown of how each death went down, and where applicable, how Sam was resurrected.

Who is the yellow eyed demon in supernatural?

He remains the only one of the Princes referred to as The Yellow-Eyed Demon. He is currently the only demon shown to be possibly immune to holy water. He was the first of four main antagonists to be killed by Dean. The second was Dick Roman, the third was Abaddon, and the fourth was Lucifer.

How did Mary die in the Yellow Eye Demon?

A decade later, Mary discovers the yellow-eye demon standing over her baby Sam’s crib, feeding his blood to the infant. Upon being interrupted, the demon pins her to the ceiling, slashes her stomach and causes her to burst into flames.

Is the yellow-eyed demon immune to holy water?

Before season 12, he was the only known yellow-eyed demon before the introduction of Ramiel and Dagon. He remains the only one of the Princes referred to as The Yellow-Eyed Demon. He is currently the only demon shown to be possibly immune to holy water.

Who is Azazel the yellow-eyed demon?

So, if any of you gals are the praying type, now would be a good time to start. Azazel was a powerful demon and a Prince of Hell who served Lucifer. Until Sin City, Azazel’s name was not revealed and he was referred to by nicknames such as The Demon, The Yellow-Eyed Demon, or Yellow Eyes.