Who ran for President and vice President in 2016?

Who ran for President and vice President in 2016?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee for President of the United States, chose Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia as her running mate. The formal nomination took place at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Who won the 2016 Philippine election?

2016 Philippine general election

Candidate Rodrigo Duterte Mar Roxas
Party PDP–Laban Liberal
Running mate Alan Peter Cayetano Leni Robredo
Popular vote 16,601,997 9,978,175
Percentage 39.02% 23.45%

Who ran for President in 2010 Philippines?

2010 Philippine presidential election

Nominee Benigno Aquino III Joseph Estrada
Party Liberal PMP
Running mate Mar Roxas Jejomar Binay
Popular vote 15,208,678 9,487,837
Percentage 42.08% 26.25%

Who ran for president in 2004 Philippines?

2004 Philippine presidential election

Nominee Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Fernando Poe Jr.
Party Lakas KNP
Running mate Noli de Castro Loren Legarda
Popular vote 12,905,808 11,782,232
Percentage 39.99% 36.51%

Who ran for president in 1998 Philippines?

1998 Philippine presidential election

Nominee Joseph Estrada Jose de Venecia Jr.
Party LAMMP Lakas
Running mate Edgardo Angara Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
Popular vote 10,722,295 4,268,483
Percentage 39.86% 15.87%

Who ran for the presidency in 2012?

Incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama and his running mate, incumbent Vice President Joe Biden, were re-elected to a second term. They defeated the Republican ticket of businessman and former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

What year Marcos became president?

Inauguration. Ferdinand Marcos was inaugurated to his first term as the 10th president of the Philippines on December 30, 1965, after winning the Philippine presidential election of 1965 against the incumbent president, Diosdado Macapagal.

Who ran for president in 2001 Philippines?

On February 20, 2007, the Supreme Court of the Philippines ruled that former senator Gregorio Honasan lost in the 2001 Philippine elections and lost to Sen. Ralph Recto but declared constitutional the special election for the remaining three-year term of Teofisto Guingona.

Who Ran for president 2006?

The next year, Bush won reelection over Democratic nominee Senator John Kerry with less than 51% of the popular vote and 286 electoral votes (only 16 votes ahead of the 270 votes needed), the smallest winning margin for an incumbent president since Woodrow Wilson in the 1916 election.

Who ran for president in 1992 Philippines?

1992 Philippine presidential election

Nominee Fidel V. Ramos Miriam Defensor Santiago
Party Lakas PRP
Running mate Lito Osmeña Ramon Magsaysay Jr.
Popular vote 5,342,521 4,468,173
Percentage 23.58% 19.72%

How many candidates have filed for the Philippines’ next president?

But in the Philippines, a record 130 candidates have filed for the presidency. President Benigno Aquino, center, appears with his party’s next presidential and vice presidential candidates, Manuel Roxas, left, and Leni Robredo. Aquino is the son of former President Corazon Aquino.

What are the precursors of presidential elections in Philippines?

During the Philippine Revolution, several leadership elections for the Katipunan were later on described as precursors of presidential elections. One example of this is the Tejeros Convention of 1897, where Emilio Aguinaldo successfully removed erstwhile Katipunan leader Andres Bonifacio.

Who was the first president of the second Philippines?

The Empire of Japan set up the Second Philippine Republic that elected José P. Laurel as president by the National Assembly in 1943. After the Japanese were defeated, Congress rescheduled the much-delayed election in 1946.

When was the first election in the Philippines by popular vote?

The first presidential election by popular vote was on September 15, 1935, after the ratification of the 1935 Constitution of the Philippines; Manuel Quezon of the Nacionalista Party emerged as the victor, defeating previous president Emilio Aguinaldo (Aguinaldo was elected president by the Malolos Congress ).