Who should use an 8 degree driver?

Who should use an 8 degree driver?

Recreational golfers who have a swing speed of 110 to 120 mph should select a driver with a low loft of 8 degrees. According to PatRyanGolf.com, the average club head speed for a recreational male golfer is 84 mph, so most recreational golfers would seek a higher loft.

What is a good driver loft for beginner?

The ideal loft is dependent on your swing speed and shot shape. 10.5º and 12º golf drivers are usually best for beginner golfers as the added backspin only loses a small amount of distance, but keeps your drives much straighter.

What driver loft is best for high handicappers?

A higher handicap player is going to do best with the 12 degree driver. With this club in their hand, the golfer can get plenty of ball speed, distance, and ball flight as well. IF a faster swinging player were to attempt to use the 12 degree driver, they might struggle with getting the control they need.

Is a 9 degree driver good for beginners?

The 9 degree driver is not the widely used driver and if you’re a beginner, then you should not buy a 9 degree driver. Golfers who have a steep angle of attack and can spin the ball too much will benefit from using a 9 degree driver.

What is the best driver loft for beginners?

Most beginning golfers should start with higher driver lofts anywhere from 12-16 degrees of loft. A higher driver launch helps beginning golfers achieve a higher ball flight which aids in total driving distance.

Is 12 degree loft too much for a driver?

A 12 degree driver loft will be fine for most amateur golfers and not too much. This is because most everyday golfers have a slower swing speed than professionals and can benefit from a 12 degree loft compared to a driver with less loft such as a 9.5 degree driver. What Loft Do Pros Use?

How much loft do I need to swing a fast driver?

Fast swingers If you’re in this bracket (105mph club speed or more) then you probably don’t need as much loft as a slow swinger because your ball speed is sufficient to keep it traveling on the optimum trajectory. Anywhere between 8.5-10° will usually suffice.

What does loft mean on a driver?

The driver loft controls how far a shot can go when the clubhead hits the ball. Besides, it controls the trajectory of the golf ball. Also, the loft is a crucial measurement that refers to the angle created by a line running down the center of the shaft and the face of the club.