Who was on the 1988 Dodgers team?

Who was on the 1988 Dodgers team?

The 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers played 161 games during the regular season, won 94 games, lost 67 games, and finished in first position….

Fernando Valenzuela $2,050,000.00
Orel Hershiser $1,100,000.00
Jesse Orosco $1,000,000.00
Mike Scioscia $1,000,000.00
Mike Davis $987,500.00

Who played for the Dodgers in 1990?

The 1990 Los Angeles Dodgers played 162 games during the regular season, won 86 games, lost 76 games, and finished in second position….

Eddie Murray $2,513,703.00
Mike Sharperson $135,000.00
Chris Gwynn $125,000.00
Mike Maddux $122,000.00
Dennis Cook $100,000.00

Who played first base for the Dodgers in the 80s?

Steve Garvey
On September 30, 1982, Steve Garvey, cornerstone for the Dodgers at first base, played his final game for the Dodgers in Los Angeles. Garvey had three hits in the game and moved into third place on the all-time list with 1,104 consecutive games played.

Who is the oldest player in Dodgers?

Los Angeles Dodgers: Carl Erskine: Born December 13, 1926.

  • Brooklyn Dodgers: Chris Haughey: Born October 3, 1925.
  • Who played in 1988 World Series?

    1988 World Series – Los Angeles Dodgers over Oakland Athletics (4-1) | Baseball-Reference.com.

    Who is the most famous Dodger player?

    1. Sandy Koufax. One of three players ever to win three pitching Triple Crowns, Sandy Koufax stands narrowly above the rest in franchise history. The southpaw achieved the feat in 1963, 1965 and 1966, three of the final four seasons in his career.

    Who is the greatest Dodger of all-time?

    Snider is the all-time leader among Dodgers position players in fWAR (63.4), while also being the franchise’s leader in offensive WAR (68.2), home runs (389), RBIs (1,271) and extra-base hits (814). Snider made seven All-Star teams as a Dodger, and is one of the greatest center fielders in MLB history. Snider’s No.

    Who was the most famous Dodger?

    In terms of impact on baseball as a sport, Jackie Robinson is the runaway winner for the No. 1 spot. That is undeniably true. On the field, though, he put together a tremendous 10-year career narrowly eclipsed by a Hall of Fame pitcher.

    Who is the best Dodger ever?

    Active players are not eligible for this list.

    • 8) Mike Piazza.
    • 7) Steve Garvey.
    • 6) Orel Hershiser.
    • 5) Don Drysdale.
    • 4) Duke Snider.
    • 3) Jackie Robinson.
    • 2) Roy Campanella. Campanella was one of the greatest catchers in baseball history and the greatest Dodgers catcher of all time.
    • 1). Sandy Koufax.

    Who has been on the Dodgers the longest?


    Player Team Seasons
    Don Drysdale Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers 14
    Carl Erskine Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers 12
    Andre Ethier Los Angeles Dodgers 12
    Red Faber Chicago White Sox 20

    What was Kirk Gibson’s injury in 1988?

    Gibson injured his left hamstring while stealing second base in Game 5 and his right knee while sliding into second base in Game 7.

    Who won the battle of the Bay 1989?

    Oakland Athletics
    Oakland Athletics over San Francisco Giants (4-0)

    Who is the best Dodger pitcher of all-time?

    Clayton Kershaw
    Clayton Kershaw became the Dodgers’ all-time strikeouts leader, passing Don Sutton’s 43-year-old mark in the fourth inning of a 5-1 loss to the Tigers. Clayton Kershaw is the greatest Dodgers pitcher ever. It is time to shout what had previously only been whispered.

    Who is the greatest MLB pitcher of all-time?

    1. Walter Johnson

    IP W RA9-WAR
    5,914 417 156.3

    Who is considered the best pitcher of all-time?

    1. Walter Johnson

    IP W K/BB
    5,914 417 2.6

    Who is the best pitcher in Dodger history?

    For five years from 1962 to 1966, Koufax was arguably the best pitcher in baseball history. The thing is, Kershaw has been one of baseball’s best pitchers for three times that long, 15 years of domination, devastation, resilience and ultimately redemption. Sandy Koufax pitches for the Brooklyn Dodgers in May 1957.

    When did the Dodgers go to the National League?

    The 1989 Los Angeles Dodgers season marked the 100th season for the franchise in Major League Baseball, having joined the National League in 1890 after six seasons in the American Association. It also marked their 32nd season in Los Angeles, California .

    How long did the 1989 World Series take to finish?

    June 3–4, 1989 – The Dodgers lost 5–4 in 22 innings to the Houston Astros when Jeff Hamilton allowed a RBI single to Rafael Ramírez, scoring Bill Doran. The game lasted 7 hours, 14 minutes and did not finish until 2:49 a.m. Central time (12:49 a.m. Pacific ).

    How many players did the Dodgers draft this year?

    The Dodgers drafted 65 players in this draft. Of those, seven of them would eventually play Major League baseball. The Dodgers had three first round picks this season as they gained the New York Yankees first round pick and a supplemental pick for the loss of free agent Steve Sax.