Who was the first owner of Chess Records?

Who was the first owner of Chess Records?

Leonard Chess Phil Chess

Chess Records
Parent company Universal Music Group
Founded 1950
Founder Leonard Chess Phil Chess
Defunct 1975

Who recorded for Chess Records?

Co-founder of Chicago-based Chess Records Phil Chess died at the age of 95. Several famous artists recorded with the company including Muddy Waters, The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and Etta James. Here are a few of the many artists who were part of the label’s storied history.

Who invented overdubbing?

Les Paul
Les Paul was an early innovator of overdubbing, and began to experiment with it around 1930.

Is Chess Records Black Owned?

Honorable Mention: Chess Records (founders: Leonard and Phil Chess, 1950). Chess Records, while not black-owned or founded, was very instrumental in exclusively showcasing black artists, namely its own. Like Stax and Atlantic, it focused on R&B, blues, soul, and gospel, while also dabbling in early rock and roll.

Who was Leonard Chess wife?

Revetta SloanLeonard Chess / Wife (m. 1941–1969)

How did Little Walter pass away?

Coronary thrombosisLittle Walter / Cause of death

The official cause of death stated on his death certificate was coronary thrombosis (a blood clot in the heart); evidence of external injuries was so insignificant that the police reported that his death was due to “unknown or natural causes”, and no external injuries were noted on the death certificate.

Who invented multi track recording?

Les PaulMultitrack recording / Inventor

Who started double tracking?

Artificial Double Tracking is one of the most iconic of all Abbey Road tape effects. It was created by EMI Technical Engineer and later Studios Manager Ken Townsend for The Beatles to avoid them having to continually re-record vocals to create multi-layered vocal effects.

Who started Chess Records in Chicago?

In 1950s Chicago, two Polish Jewish brothers founded the hugely influential Chess Records label. Working with artists like Chuck Berry and Howlin’ Wolf, they released some of the most important blues and rock-and-roll tracks ever written, transforming popular music worldwide for good.

Did Leonard Chess have a daughter?

In 1941, he married Revetta Sloan, who was also Jewish; they had three children: son Marshall and two daughters, Elaine and Susie. On October 16, 1969, a few months after selling his namesake label to General Recorded Tape, Leonard Chess died of a heart attack.

Who was the co-founder of Chess Records?

From left to right, Chess Records co-founder Phil Chess, R&B singer Etta James and record producer Ralph Bass in Chicago at Chess Records Studios in 1960. From left to right, Chess Records co-founder Phil Chess, R&B singer Etta James and record producer Ralph Bass in Chicago at Chess Records Studios in 1960.

What was the first release from Chess Records?

The first release from Chess was a 78 RPM single, “My Foolish Heart”, backed with “Bless You”, by Gene Ammons, issued as Chess 1425 in June 1950, which became the label’s biggest hit of the year. [6] In 1951, the Chess brothers began an association with Sam Phillips , of the Memphis Recording Service , the forerunner of Sun Records . [6]

Did Leonard Chess own Aristocrat Records?

Chess Records. In 1947, Leonard became associated with Aristocrat Records, increasing his share in the company over time; eventually he and Phil would acquire complete control. The Chess brothers moved the company away from black pop and jazz and other genres into down home blues music with artists such as Muddy Waters.

Who covered songs created by Chess?

Many songs created by Chess artists were later covered by many rock artists, including the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys and Eric Clapton . In 1952, the brothers started Checker Records as an alternative label for radio play (radio stations had a policy of only playing a limited number of records from any one imprint).