Who wins Ippo vs VORG?

Who wins Ippo vs VORG?

Volg got back up, remembering that he took up boxing to become strong like a wolf. Volg guarded against Ippo’s attacks at the ropes until Volg clinched. When the clinch broke, the two exchanged hits until the gong sounded ending the fourth round. Volg getting defeated by a Gazelle Punch.

What episode does Ippo fight VORG?

Episode 47 (The Fighting!)

Does Ippo beat Mashiba?

By defeating Mashiba, Ippo has now become the East Japan Rookie King.

Who did Makunouchi Ippo lose to?

His only losses are to Eiji Date in his first attempt to challenge for the Japanese Featherweight title, his first Mexican opponent in the professional ring Alfredo Gonzales who was ranked #2 in the WBC at the time, and Filipino Featherweight Champion Antonio Guevara after making a 10-month comeback.

Is VOLG stronger than Sendo?

Volg is just stronger. Not stronger, but better , sendo is stronger , but volg more technical fighter, better skills 🙂 What if Ippo was fighting Vorg for a title?

Who wins Ippo vs Mashiba?

Ippo then throws an uppercut and a right straight to Mashiba’s face, causing him to fall. Mashiba’s unable to get up, resulting in Ippo winning the East Japan Rookie King Tournament and becoming the featherweight East Japan Rookie King.

Who won Mashiba or Sawamura?

The referee disqualified Mashiba for his actions, resulting in Mashiba losing and Sawamura becoming the new JBC junior lightweight champion while knocked out outside the ring.

Who has beaten Ippo?

With much struggle, Ippo successfully caught ten leaves on the promised day with one hand, surprising Takamura and earning his acceptance. Ippo losing to Miyata.

Is Sendo stronger than Ippo?

Eventually, he ranks so high and takes the featherweight belt, thus becoming technically higher ranked than Ippo on his Japan-only level, which could make for a more interesting rivalry.

Did Ippo win against Hayami?

Hayami’s primary weakness is his glass jaw. After his fight with Ippo, his jaw had received massive damage, turning into a “glass jaw” which ultimately brings his defeat.

Does Ippo fight Ricardo?

His notable matches are against Date Eiji, twice for the WBA championship, and Makunouchi Ippo in a spar. He has defeated Alfredo González twice. According to Takamura Mamoru, the natural boxing talent that Ricardo possesses is immeasurable and otherworldly.

Does Miyata beat Mashiba?

Despite his talent and perfect counters, Miyata was defeated by Ryou Mashiba. He almost quite boxing at that point but Ippo’s perseverance to be the best inspired him. He decided to explore the boxing world outside of Japan and was successful in the process.

What happened in the first round of Volg vs Ippo?

When Volg backed up to the middle of the ring, Ippo woke up, and they both go into another in-fight until the gong ending the first round sounded. In the corner, Volg believed it is possible to use out-boxing to take points, but it would be impossible to get into a rhythm as Ippo would keep advancing, realising he needs to stay in an in-fight.

Can Volg beat Makunouchi Ippo?

It is mentioned by Coach Kamogawa that, had he fought in his natural out-boxing stance, Volg would’ve easily defeated Makunouchi Ippo, Sendō Takeshi, and even Date Eiji. In fact, Volg knocked out Ippo (who was then the Japanese champion and a world ranker) in a sparring match during his hiatus from pro boxing.

How did Volg get back up from Ippo’s Gazelle punch?

As Volg stepped back to counter the incoming Gazelle Punch, Ippo widened his stance, and Volg was hit with a Low Gazelle Punch and then hit two times, causing him to go down. Volg got back up, remembering that he took up boxing to become strong like a wolf.

What happened to Volg after his spar with Genji?

Volg immediately left for his flight after the spar, with Genji Kamogawa arranging a contact with his former rival, Dankichi Hama, to train Volg in America.