Who won Star Academy 1?

Who won Star Academy 1?

Mohammad Attia
The first season of Star Academy 1 made its debut in early December 2003. The first season ended on 4 April 2004. The winner was the Egyptian candidate, Mohammad Attia.

Who is the creator of Star Academy?

John De Mol – Tim van Rongen

Star Academy
Created by John De Mol – Tim van Rongen
Original work Operación Triunfo (Spain)
Owner Endemol
Films and television

What does the name Chantel mean?

In French Baby Names the meaning of the name Chantel is: Singer. To sing. Song.

How many schools are in Star Academy?

Star Academies (formerly Tauheedul Education Trust) is a multi-academy trust (MAT) that operates 28 free schools and academies. There are nineteen secondary schools and nine primary schools under the jurisdiction of the trust.

Is Chantal a boy or girl name?

Chantal (/ˈtʃæntəl, ʃɑːnˈtɑːl/) is a feminine given name of French origin. The name Chantal can be traced back to the Old Occitan word cantal, meaning “stone.” It came into popular use as a given name in honor of the Catholic saint, Jeanne de Chantal.

What does the name Chanel mean?

Meaning:water pipe, canal. Chanel is a French girl’s name that comes from the Latin word canalis, meaning channel.

What is a nickname for Chantal?

Var: Chantall, Chantel, Chantelle. Short: Chan.

What does Chantel mean in English?

In American Baby Names the meaning of the name Chantel is: Singer. To sing. Song.

Is Channel a girls name?

Channel Origin and Meaning The name Channel is girl’s name .

Is River Chantel’s brother married?

Last season The Family Chantel focused heavily on the relationship between Chantel’s brother Royal and his now-wife Angenette. Chantel and Karen were particularly unwelcoming to Angenette, who chose to sit this season out along with Royal.