Who won the 16th year of Countdown?

Who won the 16th year of Countdown?

Series 16 ran from June 1988 to September 1988. The sixteenth of 53 series presented by Richard Whiteley, it was won by Tony Vick. Notably, on her way to the quarter-finals, Jenny Haldane compiled what is believed to be the first max game in the history of 9 round televised Countdown.

Who is the best Countdown player of all time?

Conor Travers holds the record for the most Countdown appearances since the introduction of the 15 round format. In 21 appearances, in which he has won 20 of them, he’s scored 2,397 points; this is the highest ever total. Travers also holds the record for the most rounds played, with 312 rounds played.

Who was the youngest contestant on Countdown?

He is the youngest ever series champion, having won at the age of 14, and is one of the most popular and talented contestants in the show’s history….Conor Travers.

Conor Travers Octochamp Statistics
Final position Champion
Seeding 1
Points total 890
Conundrums solved 7

Who won series 84 of Countdown?

Series 84 is the most recently completed series of Countdown and the first to be presented by Anne Robinson, following Nick Hewer’s retirement. It began on 28 June 2021 and concluded on 23 December 2021, and was won by the No. 1 Seed Ahmed Mohamed, who defeated the No. 3 Seed Florence Cappleman-Lynes in the final.

Who won series 34 of Countdown?

Huw Morgan was the champion of Series 34, and a participant in Championship of Champions IX. He first appeared on Countdown on 14 February 1997, where he beat Stuart Jones 46 – 44.

Who was Countdown Champion 2021?


Year Series Winner
83 Adam Latchford
84 Ahmed Mohamed
2022 85 TBA

Is Stu Harkness an Octochamp?

Stu Harkness was a contestant in Series 57 and an octochamp in 84. He joined Apterous in 2020. He was a Maths Teacher from Tweedbank.

How many points is a 9 letter word on Countdown?

Each of the nine letters can be used only once when compiling words. If a nine letter word is achieved the score is doubled to eighteen points. If more than one player has the joint longest word then these players all score.

Who is Zarte Siempre?

Zarte Siempre was a contestant in Series 69, an octochamp in and the champion of Series 78 and the winner of Championship of Champions XV. From Dadford, Buckinghamshire, he was a Freelance Marketer at the time of his second run on the show.

What is the prize for winning countdown?

Countdown has been one of Channel 4’s most-watched programmes for over twenty years, but has never won a major television award. On each episode, the prize for defeating the reigning champion is a teapot that is styled to resemble the renowned clock used in each round.

Did Stu become an Octochamp?

Stu Harkness was a contestant in Series 57 and an octochamp in 84.

Did Ahmed become an Octochamp?

Ahmed Mohamed was an octochamp in and the champion of Series 84. He was a Sports Steward (in between jobs) from North London.

Who won the final of Countdown 2021?

Adam Latchford
This is a list of champions on the game show Countdown. These are players who have won up to eight games and scored enough points to qualify for their series’ finals….Champions.

Year Series Winner
2020 82 Luke Johnson-Davies
83 Adam Latchford
84 Ahmed Mohamed

Who won Countdown in 2019?

Conor Travers, currently studying Part III Mathematics at St John’s, recently won the 30th Birthday Championship of Countdown.

How many countdowns are recorded in one day?

The team record five episodes at once and Nick, 73, says he can’t sleep because he keeps seeing blue cards with white numbers and letters when he tries to nod off. Speaking to The Mirror, he said: “I can’t bloody sleep after a day at Countdown.

Does Rachel Riley and Anne Robinson get on?

Anne Robinson opens up on Rachel Riley feud as she admits ‘we took her mic off’ Anne Robinson has opened up about her alleged feud with Rachel Riley as she admitted ‘we took her mic off’. Anne admitted there had been some backstage tension over noise between the pair but stressed they “didn’t not get on”.

What is an Apterite?

apterite. A player of apterous. aptodic. The list of words valid on apterous. Typically refers only to the English-language list.

Who was the Countdown champion 2021?