Who won the 1992 European Championship?

Who won the 1992 European Championship?

Denmark national football teamUEFA Euro 1992 / ChampionThe Denmark national football team represents Denmark in men’s international football competition. It is controlled by the Danish Football Association, the governing body for the football clubs which are organised under DBU. Wikipedia

What year did Denmark win the European cup?

Denmark won the 1992 championship, having qualified only after Yugoslavia was disqualified as a result of the breakup of the country and the ensuing warfare there….UEFA Euro 1992.

Europamästerskapet i fotboll Sverige 1992
Champions Denmark (1st title)
Runners-up Germany
Tournament statistics
Matches played 15

How did Denmark win the Euro in 1992?

Deschamps then shot wide before Povlsen’s cross found Lars Elstrup who tapped the ball into the France goal to restore Denmark’s lead; the match ended 2–1. Ending the group stage as runners-up, Denmark faced group 2 winners, the Netherlands in the semi-final, played on 22 June 1992 at the Nya Ullevi in Gothenburg.

Where was Euro 92 held?

Where was the 1992 EURO held? Sweden hosted the eight-team final tournament, with the action focused on four stadiums; the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg staged five games (including a semi-final and the final), while four took place at the Råsunda in Stockholm (including a semi-final).

Who won Euro 1988?

Netherlands national football teamUEFA Euro 1988 / Champion

Who won euro 1988?

When did Denmark join the EU?

Denmark has been an active member of the EU since 1973. Denmark has worked for an efficient and well functioning internal market, transparent decision-making, and clear and visible results for the individual citizens.

Did Denmark win the European Championships?

Denmark defeated Germany 2-0 in the Euro 92 final to win their first ever European title. The Germans came into Euro 92 having already won the tournament on two occasions and, with players such as Jurgen Klinsmann, Stefan Effenberg and Matthias Sammer in their ranks, were considered heavy favourites.

Who won Euro 88?

Who knocked England from Euro 88?

The ball deflected into his path and he delivered a looping header which spun into the right corner of the Irish net with nine minutes remaining just after Paul McGrath hit a Dutch post with a header. In the other game, the Soviets soundly thrashed England.

Who won Euro 1984?

France national football teamUEFA Euro 1984 / Champion

Why did Denmark not join the EU?

Denmark would not enter the third phase of the EMU with the other EU countries due to the opt-out of the EMU and would therefore not adopt the common currency.

Has Denmark left the EU?

History. Denmark has been a member of the EU since 1973 and a majority support continued Danish membership of the EU.

Will Denmark adopt the euro?

What trophies have Denmark won?


  • FIFA Club World Cup.
  • UEFA Champions League.
  • UEFA Women’s Champions League.
  • UEFA Europa League.
  • UEFA Europa Conference League.
  • UEFA Super Cup.

Who knocked Ireland from Euro 88?

33 years ago, the Republic of Ireland enjoyed an epic 1-0 win against England at Euro ’88. On 12th June 1988, the Irish press were delivered an unanticipated delight as they witnessed Ireland, on their debut at a major international tournament, overcome England at the Neckarstadion in Stuttgart.

What happened in the Denmark vs Germany World Cup match?

In the 18th minute, Flemming Povlsen passed to John Jensen on the edge of the Germany penalty area who shot past Germany goalkeeper Bodo Illgner to give Denmark a 1–0 lead. Schmeichel then made several further saves to keep the score at 1–0 at half-time.

How many times have Denmark won EURO football tournament?

Denmark have participated in eight UEFA European Football Championships, and won the tournament once. In the final of Euro 1992 in Sweden, their 2–0 victory over Germany resulted in their first major tournament title.

When did Denmark play France in the 1992 World Cup?

In the final group match, Denmark played France at the Stadion in Malmö on 17 June 1992. Vilfort, who had returned to Denmark to be with his terminally-ill daughter, was replaced by Henrik Larsen, who gave his side an early lead with a volley into the roof of France’s net from a Flemming Povlsen header.

When was Denmark’s first major tournament?

Their first tournament was Euro 1964 in which they secured fourth place. In the final of UEFA Euro 1992 in Sweden, Denmark’s 2–0 victory over Germany resulted in their first major tournament title. In Euro 2020 the team reached into the semi-finals, however lost to England.