Who won Undertaker vs Randy Orton?

Who won Undertaker vs Randy Orton?

That druid turned out to be Cowboy Bob Orton, who then gave the Undertaker’s mystical urn to Orton. It was time for one last match between these two performers. The Undertaker got the last laugh by defeating both Ortons in a brutal Hell in a Cell match, ending the feud.

When did Undertaker come back in 2004?

2004 Wrestlemania XX At the beginning of 2004, week after week, Kane would be disturbed with messages announcing the upcoming return of the Deadman. At Wrestlemania 20, The Undertaker, back with Paul Bearer and back in his Deadman gimmick, returned and defeated Kane. This is another great moment in WWE history.

Who did Undertaker beat in WrestleMania 21?

Randy Orton

No. Results Times
1P Booker T won by last eliminating Chris Masters 11:20
2 Rey Mysterio defeated Eddie Guerrero 13:00
3 Edge defeated Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Benoit, Christian (with Tyson Tomko) and Kane 15:12
4 The Undertaker defeated Randy Orton 14:00

Who did Undertaker fight in WrestleMania 21?

Randy Orton: WrestleMania 21. The Legend Killer sets his sights on the one Legend on the roster he has yet to defeat, The Undertaker, and puts The Streak in jeopardy by taking The Phenom to his limit like no Superstar had before.

Who broke The Undertaker streak?

Brock Lesnar
At WrestleMania XXX in 2014, The Undertaker lost to Brock Lesnar, thus ending The Streak.

When did Mabel hurt undertaker?

Mabel caused The Undertaker to suffer a serious injury #OnThisDay in 1995: WWF King of the Ring PPV: King of the Ring Quarterfinals: Mabel defeated The Undertaker. The Undertaker once sustained a fractured orbital bone during a match against Mabel.

How much money undertaker makes with WWE?

How Much The WWE Legend Made From Wrestling? undertaker in a ring fight with Brock Lesnar image source. Undertaker’s net worth was boosted by $2.5 million annual earnings he made in the course of his active career that spanned for over three decades. No wonder, his assets and cash are valued at about $17 million.

Who would win Undertaker vs The Boogeyman in WWE?

The Boogeyman looked nearly invincible in his first PPV win, as he would just wouldn’t go down and didn’t take much damage. Oddly enough, The Boogeyman never had a solid run after beating one of the most dominant wrestlers at the time. However, JBL would have huge wins after that match including against Bobby Lashley and Chris Benoit. 5 Vs

Should the Undertaker come back to WWE?

Well, that depends. As a professional wrestler, he should not come back for his own sake. On the contrary, he can and should make seldom appearances either as the undertaker or his real life character. Imagine, the Undertaker character is playing the role of general manager. All hell will break loose.

Why did The Undertaker disappear in 1999?

When Medusa allows him to prowl the planet. And the reason he was gone so long is because this time he had to regenerate enough that he could take a wife and sire an heir. Thankfully he accomplished this shortly before he was buried by Kane and Vince McMahon. I always think they could’ve have made something off his departure.