Why are The KLF called The KLF?

Why are The KLF called The KLF?

By the time the JAMs’ single “Whitney Joins The JAMs” was released in September 1987, their record label had been renamed “KLF Communications” (from the earlier The Sound of Mu(sic)). The duo’s first release as the KLF was in March 1988, with the single “Burn the Bastards”/”Burn the Beat” (KLF 002).

What did The KLF stand for?

Kopyright Liberation Front
In 1991, the KLF, an acronym for Kopyright Liberation Front, was the bestselling British act in the world.

Who sang with KLF on Justified and Ancient?

The KLFJustified and Ancient / Artist

What is Justified and Ancient about?

Just as the fictional JAMs made it their remit to propagate chaos and confusion, so too did the real JAMs and the KLF. Their attempts to subvert the music industry and other establishments were frequent, unconcealed and controversial. The song “Justified & Ancient” is a statement of identity and rebellious intent.

Why did KLF delete their back Catalogue?

The KLF are bringing their back catalogue to streaming services. The group famously deleted their back catalogue in 1992, shortly after spraying the audience of the BRIT Awards with fake bullets and delivering the carcass of the dead sheep to the door.

Why did The KLF burn a million?

Why Did the KLF Burn a Million Quid? was the name of an event that Drummond and Cauty toured around the UK shortly after the embers of their bonfire of vanities had died down. They had no convincing explanation for what they had done and hoped other people could provide one.

Who were the female singers in the KLF?

Bill DrummondGuitar
Jimmy CautyProgramming
The KLF/Members

What was the KLF biggest hit?

1. “All bound for Mu Mu Land,” a line used in The KLF’s 1992 Australian top five hit “Justified & Ancient”, was based on Bill Drummond’s love of Australian band The Seekers.

How did the KLF get Tammy Wynette?

In September 1991, Tammy was the beneficiary of extraordinary good luck: an international pop hit that dropped into her lap from out of nowhere. The gift came by way of UK musicians Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, aka the KLF, a crackpot outfit known for dance hits and absurdist antics.

Why is The KLF not on Apple music?

It has emerged that the albums available were bootleg recordings not authorised by KLF stars Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty. It is not yet clear how they came to appear on the legitimate sites. The band deleted their back catalogue after quitting the music industry in 1992.

Why did the KLF burn a million quid?

Why did KLF deleted back Catalogue?

Do the KLF regret burning 1m?

This is the truly shocking thing about the evening. It almost seems inevitable.” Asked in 2004 if he regretted the stunt, Drummond told the BBC: “Of course I regret it – who wouldn’t!” “My children especially regret it, but I don’t regret it all the time.

What was The KLF biggest hit?

Who was the female singer in the KLF?

Why did KLF delete back Catalogue?

Are The KLF on Spotify?

After years of silence, The KLF have uploaded a selection of their most famous songs to streaming services like Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

Why is KLF not on Itunes?

What is the KLF’s song Justified and ancient?

In March 1991, a full song called “Justified & Ancient” appeared on The KLF’s album The White Room. Sung by Black Steel, the song begins and ends the album. This version retains the lyrics and melody, adds an additional verse, and full song structure and instrumentation is present, in an arrangement akin to a lullaby.

Are the KLF The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu?

A fuller set of references are available in the article ” All You Need Is Love (The JAMs song) “. ^ Slingerland, Calum (5 January 2017). “The KLF Confirm 2017 Reunion as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu”.

What are the Justified Ancients’justified and anxious songs about?

The song lyrics describe the Justified Ancients making their way to Mu Mu Land in an ice cream van. Tammy Wynette admitted to NME that she thought the track was called “Justified And Anxious” until the day KLF’s Bill Drummond turned up in Nashville with the tapes under his arm.

Who is the co-founder of the KLF?

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