Why do people in Ecuador eat guinea pigs?

Why do people in Ecuador eat guinea pigs?

The rodents are a traditional hot dish in some Latin American countries, including Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. In Ecuador, people typically cook guinea pigs with salt and serve them with potatoes and peanut sauce. But one vendor is taking things to another gastronomic level, serving guinea pigs as a cold dessert.

What is the guinea pig festival?

Between the period of July and November, many villages and cities across the country commemorate guinea pigs. The most popular happen in Huancayo, Lima, Cusco, and Huacho. Each celebration includes a “beauty contest” where the most well dressed and the biggest rodents are chosen.

What country has a guinea pig festival?

Huacho is a small and picturesque city in the costal regions of the South American country of Peru. For the last few years the locals of Huacho has been organizing an unusual kind of festival – the festival of guinea pigs. In this one-day event, guinea pigs are dressed up in traditional Peruvian local dresses.

What is guinea pig in Ecuador?

Guinea pig, or cuy in Ecuador is one of the traditional foods you should try while visiting Ecuador, Bolivia or Peru. It is more commonly known as cuy (kew-y) in the indigenous language of Kichwa, because of the high-pitched bird-like sound the animal makes.

Is eating guinea pig healthy?

Whilst guinea pigs aren’t the meatiest animal you could choose to eat, there are a number of benefits to picking this dish over other kinds of meat. Cuy is high in protein and lower in cholesterol making it arguably a healthier choice than many other types of meat.

What does guinea pig taste like?

Guinea pig, or cuy as it is known, is a delicacy. The meat is prized and tastes like a cross between duck and rabbit. When properly prepared, the meat of a guinea pig is rich, fatty, and flavorful, while the skin, when roasted over a hot fire, gives pork crackling a run for its money.

What is the guinea pig festival in Peru?

At the annual Festival of the Cuy (guinea pig) in Huacho, Peru, guinea pig is pitted against guinea pig in a series of contests to find the fattest, fastest and even best dressed.

What culture eats guinea pigs?

Most people see them as fluffy adorable pets, but in Peru guinea pigs – or “cuy” as they are known locally – are a delicacy.

Why is cuy popular?

Today, the animal is viewed as a nutritious staple of the cuisine. Cuy has been a Peruvian delicacy for over 5,000 years; Peruvians even gave the animal its own national holiday, which is celebrated every year on the second Friday in October.

What country eats the most guinea pigs?

In Peru alone, around 65 million guinea pigs are eaten every year. So why aren’t American’s eating them too? In the U.S., most of us associate guinea pigs as cute cuddly pets. It’s hard to get past that association, so the idea of eating them seems a little grizzly.

Is guinea pig red or white meat?

Guinea Pig – the Other White Meat.

Is it illegal to eat guinea pigs?

You can legally eat guinea pig in the U.S., but we still don’t really do it that often. Eating guinea pig is an ancient tradition in many different parts of South America. In Peru alone, around 65 million guinea pigs are eaten every year.

Can I eat my guinea pig?

Does guinea pig taste good?