Why does my saxophone squeak when I play low notes?

Why does my saxophone squeak when I play low notes?

Why does my saxophone squeak on low notes? Low notes squeak typically due to a leak or a tight embouchure. A leak in the instrument or a tight embouchure will cause low notes to pop up an octave, resulting in a squeak. This can be fixed by loosening your embouchure or taking your saxophone to a repair person.

Why does my saxophone sound Spitty?

Every saxophonist deals with the “spitty” sound. This sound comes from excessive moisture in the mouthpiece, and when it attaches itself to the inside of the mp or reed, it can be difficult to remove. It’s a sound that you can hear, and your audience can hear as well. We definitely need to get rid of it.

Why can’t I hit low notes on saxophone?

The most common reason why low notes do not work is a leak in the instrument. This can be fixed either by adjusting screws and pads or shifting the alignment of the bell. Difficulty playing the low notes of the saxophone can also be caused by air leaking from an improper neck to body fit.

How do I get rid of the airy sound on my tenor sax?

Try placing your reed higher or lower on the mouthpiece, and see if that makes a difference. Also make sure that the sides of the reed are aligned with the sides of the flat section of the mouthpiece. Failing to do so will cause air to leak out of the mouthpiece.

How do I make my saxophone sound less Spitty?

Remove excess moisture from your mouth before you play. If you do this, there’s less of an opportunity for the moisture to travel into the mp, which causes the “spitty” sound. First, remove the moisture from your cheeks and up into your gum line, and lastly, clean off the tongue. This step proves very effective!

Why am I squeaking on my saxophone?

The most common reasons for saxophone squeaking include a broken or misaligned reed, playing with too much tension in the mouth, improper/high tongue position inside your mouth, or saxophone disrepair.