Why is Donda censored?

Why is Donda censored?

rapdirect #KanyeWest says ‘DONDA’ was censored because families don’t need cursing in their living rooms and to show you can… bloom_room_by_jared @rapdirect and he turned around and did…

Why is the Donda cover black?

This is the album cover for Kanye West’s “Donda.” The black cover represents letting go of grief and recovering and in West’s case, it is in reference to his mother’s death.

Is Donda any good?

Donda is the best Kanye album since Pablo. It features the single worst verse on a Kanye album by anybody since Jay-Z on “Monster.” (Relax, it’s not him.) It features, for a few fleeting moments, the best singing Kanye himself has ever done.

Is Donda platinum yet?

Ye’s 10th studio album, Donda, has officially been certified platinum by the RIAA, landing over 1 million equivalent album sales since its August 2021 release.

Is Donda available?

“’DONDA 2′ will only be available on my own platform, the Stem Player, not on Apple Amazon Spotify or YouTube. Today artists get just 12% of the money the industry makes,” said Kanye on Instagram. “It’s time to free music from this oppressive system.

Is Donda clean?

“Donda,” at the time of publication, was released as a clean project, censoring any explicit language throughout the album. Regardless of what is happening behind the scenes, it’s clear “Donda” is a masterpiece. This album features 27 songs and is an astounding 1 hour and 48 minutes long.

Is Donda religious?

Donda is a Christian album, even if it isn’t marketed as one. Indeed, the lack of overt Christian branding may be the point. As with Jesus Is King, God remains the focus.

Does Donda have swearing?

And yet West’s decision to release “Donda” in only an edited version, with swear words muted — couldn’t he have just told people not to curse? — feels like one more indication that music has dropped down his list of priorities.

Is Jesus the King of platinum?

It has been certified gold and silver in the United States and the UK by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and British Phonographic Industry (BPI), respectively. A companion album, Jesus Is Born, was released in December 2019 by the Sunday Service Choir.

How is Donda selling?

Kanye West’s album, ‘DONDA’, has been certified platinum by the RIAA, with over one million equivalent album sales since its release in August 2021. Ye’s album was released last year after multiple delays and several changes to the album itself.

Is Donda completed?

Donda is the tenth studio album by American rapper Kanye West, released through GOOD Music on August 29, 2021, with distribution handled by Def Jam Recordings, his last release with the label.

How much does Donda 2 cost?

West’s latest album, Donda 2, the sequel to last year’s Donda, can currently only be heard by purchasing a $200 Stem Player, a portable music player–slash–mixing board that West designed with the help of a company called Kano.

Is there cursing on Donda?

Is there swearing on Donda?

The song featured references to “drugs” and “thugs,” but it did not include any swears and curse words.

What’s Kanye West’s religion?

Christian faith
His Christian faith, estranged marriage to Kim Kardashian, and mental health have also been sources of further media attention.