Why is Echo only a corporal?

Why is Echo only a corporal?

He was used as a pawn by the Separatists using him to use algorithm but was later rescued by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex and Clone Force 99 and he was promoted to corporal for his bravery in the Battle for Anaxes.

What happened to clone trooper fives?

Fives met the General and Rex there, but they were followed by Fox and his Coruscant Guard troops. Fox ordered Fives to surrender but Fives took Rex’s blaster pistol and aimed at Fox, a gesture Fox felt as hostility and fired. Fives fell to the ground but before dying spoke to Rex. He died in Rex’s arms.

What episode is commander doom in?

Star Wars: The Clone WarsClone Commander Doom / Appearances

What is on Echo’s head?

Captured by Separatist forces after allegedly dying during the mission, Echo was outfitted with cybernetic enhancements, including a socket-arm and a head implant attached to the back of his head.

What happened to Kix Clone Wars?

The jump transported the ship, along with its cargo, Kix, to the desert planet Ponemah Terminal, where it inevitably crashed on the surface. The ship, along with B1-CC14 and the other droids on it, lost their power as a result of the crash, where they would remain lifeless for many years to come.

Who removed Rex’s chip?

In “Shattered,” the penultimate episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Rex unwillingly falls under the influence of his inhibitor chip, but he did fight against Order 66 and ultimately was the reason why Ahsoka was able to remove the chip.

Did commander Doom Obey Order 66?

Order 66 and death In 19 BBY, when Order 66 was issued, Doom and the 125th executed Master Haddon, though his Padawan escaped. However, he remained loyal to the Empire, until being killed by an unidentified assassin while serving on Felucia in 2 BBY.

Who is Kix Star Wars?

Kix, designated CT-6116, was a clone trooper medic in 501st Legion during the Clone Wars. He served as a squad medic and was placed under the command of Captain Rex and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, and also served temporarily under General Pong Krell.

What happened clone echo?

Their bid to board their shuttle fails when heavy weapons fire destroys the escape craft. Trooper Echo dies in the blast. The escapees then flee to the caves and call for rescue from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.