Why is my toner not working in my Brother printer?

Why is my toner not working in my Brother printer?

Verify the toner cartridge is installed correctly. If you install a new genuine Brother toner cartridge but the “Toner Low”, “Replace Toner” or “Toner Ended” error indication remains, the toner cartridge may not be installed correctly.

How do I reset my Brother HL 2135w?

Brother HL-2135 – Factory Reset

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Hold the GO button while you turn the printer on. Hold the button until all the LEDs light up and the Ready LED light turns off.
  3. Release GO, all the LEDs will turn off.
  4. Press GO ten (10) times. The printer will automatically restart.

Why is my toner cartridge not working?

This could be caused by a number of things, including use of the wrong cartridge model. The most likely fix for this problem is to take the cartridge out. If it’s empty, replace it with a new cartridge. If it still has toner left inside, install it back in the printer, taking care to insert the cartridge properly.

How do you fix a toner bleed?

How To Clean Toner When It’s Leaking (Or After It Was Leaking)

  1. Yuck!
  2. Place a piece of paper towel beneath your printer’s cover panel to catch the loose toner and open the front cover.
  3. Remove the leaky toner cartridge.
  4. Hold it as level as possible to avoid any more spillage.
  5. Toss it in the trash.

Why is my toner streaking?

Streaking is usually caused by a worn out drum unit or spent toner cartridge. Drum units are a consumable and only need to be replaced after the use of 3 or 4 toners. Not all printers use a separate toner and drum unit.

Why is my Brother printer leaking toner?

Toner leakage inside the printer or vertical streaks on printouts can be due to a faulty drum unit. Your laser printer’s drum unit may also be past its useful life. Depending upon whether your printer uses a separate or an integrated drum unit (with toner cartridge), you will need to get the necessary replacement.

How do I get my Brother printer to recognize toner?

Firstly, try to reset the printer by pressing the power button 7 times. This will clear the error message and the printer should start to print again. For Brother machines it’s also possible to reset the cartridge via the menu on the printer.

Why the new toner cartridge is not working?

This is common with ink cartridges that have attached print heads (such as HP, Lexmark or Dell). Cartridges are typically kept flat or upside down for weeks or months before being used. As a result, the ink will settle at the other end of the cartridge and will be unable to directly feed the print head.