Why was Wayward Pines Cancelled?

Why was Wayward Pines Cancelled?

Unfortunately, the second season of Wayward Pines had mediocre ratings—definitely not enough to keep it going. The season finale hinted at the possibility of the show bringing in new characters.

What is the story behind Wayward Pines?

A billionaire named David Pilcher believed that the world was going to Hell. So he created the town Wayward Pines to keep the human race from devolving. The big secret of the town however is that everyone who occupies it was suspended in animation and dropped into the town thinking they go there from a car accident.

What happened to Theresa Burke Wayward Pines?

After the abby attack she was put into hibernation with the rest of the adults. At some point she was later taken out of hibernation and was allowed to continue her life in Wayward Pines.

Does Wayward Pines have an ending?

Wayward Pines Season 3 Was Quietly Cancelled The ending suggested the show could hit the reset button again and bring in a new cast of characters. The last episode of the show aired in 2016 but while Wayward Pines season 3 hasn’t officially been cancelled it will almost certainly never happen.

Where did they film Wayward Pines?

British Columbia
Filming took place between August 19, 2013, and February 14, 2014, in Burnaby (interiors) and Agassiz (exteriors), in British Columbia. The plot of Crouch’s first novel in the trilogy, Pines (2012), is covered over the first five episodes of the TV series.

What happens in the last episode of Wayward Pines?

July 27, 2016Wayward Pines / Final episode date

Is Kerry Jason’s mom?

Kerry Campbell was a member of the First Generation of Wayward Pines. She is the mother of Jason Higgins.

Is Wayward Pines supernatural?

Fox billed Wayward Pines—its 2015 supernatural series about a small Idaho town with a slew of disturbing secrets—as a 10-episode, close-ended summer event.

How does Wayward Pines trilogy end?

Here’s roughly how that goes down: In the book, the abbies kill many of the townspeople in the showdown, but Ethan and about 250 others manage force them back outside and get the fence working again. The survivors, in turn, exile Pilcher outside of the gate, which is as good as killing him. Game over, townspeople win.

Is Wayward Pines a true story?

Given how many shows take their notes from current events, you might be wondering if Wayward Pines is based on a true story, but it actually comes from a different source. Wayward Pines is based on a series of e-books written by Blake Crouch, who is also working on the TV project.

Did Wayward Pines have an ending?

What is the secret Wayward Pines?

During the orientation Ben’s school teacher, Megan Fisher (Hope Davis), revealed the town’s biggest secret to the newcomers: the citizens of Wayward Pines are the last of humanity. The survivors were cryogenically kept in stasis for more than 2000 years, as Mother Nature changed the biology of mankind.

Who was hanging at the end of Wayward Pines?

In Episode 9 you saw Pilcher shut the power down, which effectively let the abbies in to tear apart the town — that’s the same as the book. But the very end, with Ethan sacrificing himself, Pam killing Pilcher and the First Generation taking over years later, that’s different.

Who is Jason’s mom Wayward Pines?

Kerry Campbell
Kerry Campbell was a member of the First Generation of Wayward Pines. She is the mother of Jason Higgins.

Is Wayward Pines based on a true story?