Are swords or daggers better?

Are swords or daggers better?

This is because a dagger is lighter than a sword which allows its user to be more agile. The lighter weight of daggers however, does not come without a disadvantage; they have lower attacking power and are more dependent on the power of the user. Daggers make your strike faster as they add to your speed.

What is the difference between a longsword and a shortsword?

Historically a shortsword was a 16th/17th century term for a sword that was shorter than a longsword, typically a basket hilted sword which wasn’t actually particularly short at all. In more recent times the term shortsword has been used to refer to swords like the Roman gladius.

Who sells the best weapons in Oblivion?

Varel Morvayn at Morvayn’s Peacemakers (Skill 40, 1200-2200 gold) – Varel is the best for expensive goods. Unlike the other exceptions, he will buy weapons and armor — the main money-maker for most players — without the need to first reach Journeyman skill.

What weapon does the most damage in Oblivion?

Umbra Sword (Oblivion) | Elder Scrolls | Fandom.

Can you fight a sword with a knife?

While some steels are great for knives, they aren’t good enough for swords. You can make a knife out of much harder materials, as well as stainless steel, but these are all too brittle for a sword.

Is a katana a shortsword or longsword?

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How good are daggers compared to short swords?

Average damage with reduced reach but a bit better speed. Stubby low damage, only good thing about it is the speed but its only fractionally faster than a shortsword. Only reason to use a dagger is for looks or if your an enchanting freak that uses instant death on strike enchants.

How effective are daggers in DND?

The effectiveness and the amount of damage when using daggers is governed by the Blade skill and the Strength attribute. Since daggers have a (40%) shorter reach than a longsword, it is suitable for close-quarters fighting, when you want to avoid hitting other friendly NPCs or creatures.

Is there a reason to use a dagger over a blunt?

Just wish the blunt in vanilla was a real option, I do play mace/hammer wielding maniacs on occasion but even modded blunt is still a bit pitiful. : ( Only reason to use a dagger is for looks or if your an enchanting freak that uses instant death on strike enchants.

Is the forgiveness sword the best weapon?

Forgiveness is the best thing. If your not concerned with looks then it only really comes down to either longsword or shortsword. Great reach and above average damage but very slow, the damage is not high enough to matter if your taking ten minutes to take a swing at something on every swing.