Are Vox Amplugs any good?

Are Vox Amplugs any good?

The Vox amPlug is an excellent solution for any musician, period. It doesn’t cost much, and it offers a beautiful sound you can set in two minutes. There’s no need for cables or heavy speakers: plug, play and have fun. I see the Vox amPlug is the definitive practice tool for guitar and bass players.

Which Vox amPlug is best?

Our choice for the best guitar headphone amplifier is the Vox AmPlug 2 AC30. It offers the sound and feel in the vein of one of the greatest guitar amplifiers in history for a great price and with nice features.

What is valvetronix?

The Vox Valvetronix Amp (designed by Korg, who now own title to the Vox name) is a modelling amplifier with a difference — instead of trying to use digital modelling to emulate absolutely every aspect of the sound, the designers have instead created a hybrid of a conventional guitar stage amplifier and a modelling …

Can I use Vox amPlug without headphones?

Headphone output The intended use is to use the 1/8″ (3.5mm) output jack to connect to headphones. But you do not need to use headphones.

Can you record with Vox amPlug?

Re: Recording Vox Amplug Shouldn’t be any problem: using a computer, you would record it as you would with any other line source, by plugging the output into an input socket in an audio interface. You’ll likely need an adapter cable (3.5mm input to quarter inch jack output) and you’re al set.

Can I use Vox Amplug without headphones?

Can you record with Vox Amplug?

What Speaker is in a vox VT40X?

The Vox VT40X is a DSP and tube hybrid combo amplifier that offers 11 realistic amp models and 13 effects. Built inside the sealed cabinet is a 10″ speaker that delivers powerful and a realistic Vox Valvetronix tube tone!

Is Vox valvetronix solid-state?

This hybrid physical modelling, valve and solid-state design, presented in a classic AC30-style format, aims to offer the best of all possible worlds.

What does Vox mean on an amplifier?

Vox is a musical equipment manufacturer which is most famous for making the Vox AC30 guitar amplifier, the Vox Continental electric organ, and a series of innovative but commercially unsuccessful electric guitars and bass guitars.

Who’s got a Vox amp?

From Paul McCartney to Elvis Costello, Brian May of Queen and Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters, the star-studded list goes on and on. That’s not to say pros are the only ones who can get a Vox amp; many of their models are also accessible for amateurs and hobbyists.

Is the Vox ac30hw2x 30W 2×12 tube guitar combo amp any good?

If so, the Vox Hand-Wired AC30HW2X 30W 2×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp is a top-of-the-line option. The turret board is painstakingly hand-wired to ensure the most efficient signal path and the all-tube design creates an unmistakable tone.

What is the Vox hand-wired series?

Not bound by tradition, the VOX Hand-Wired Series also provides a variety of new functions that keep pace with the needs of today’s artists. Offering a rich variety of tonal shadings and a broad model lineup, the enormous potential of the VOX Hand-Wired Series will reveal itself in any musical scenario.

Why Vox AC30s?

Find your voice with VOX. “Vox AC30s have been a part of my life and work for 40 years now, and they always give me exactly what I need in terms of sound; I have no need to look elsewhere.” “My Hand-Wired VOX AC30s are the tone that I’ve been looking for, for a long, long time.