Does God of War 2 have cheats?

Does God of War 2 have cheats?

Must complete the game on certain difficulty levels, Collect certain Items and receive certain ranks….Unlockable Costumes/Weapons.

Unlockable Unlockable
Complete the game on any difficulty level. Cod of War costume
Complete the game on God mode. Dark Odyssey

How do you activate God mode in God of War ps2?

Beat the game on any difficulty setting to unlock God Mode. Then, you can choose it when you start a new game. It makes enemies significantly stronger. Completing the game also unlocks secret videos featuring deleted levels and Challenge of the Gods, a series of short bonus stages.

Is God of War 2 available on ps2?

God of War II
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release NA: March 13, 2007 EU: April 27, 2007 AU: May 3, 2007
Genre(s) Action-adventure, hack and slash
Mode(s) Single-player

How do I activate bonus play in God of War 2?

Bonus Play To Start a new game with all Weapons/Magic at the levels you completed the game at, simply save your game and start a new game. Choose the Bonus Play option and you can start a new game with all your weapons/Magic at the levels you beat the game with.

How hard is God mode in God of War?

God Mode is the hardest difficulty setting in God of War, Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta and God of War (2018), as well as the second hardest setting in God of War II, and the normal difficulty in God of War III.

How hard is give me God of War?

Give Me a Story This is the easiest of the difficulty settings, and, as its name suggests, it is intended for players that want to focus on God of War’s story without facing any major challenges. Fans that select “Give Me a Story” will encounter enemies that deal decreased damage and act with minimal aggression.

How long is God of War PS2?

around 9 hours
Now that the two prologue games have been finished, players are now ready to take on the original God of War game that made its debut on the PS2 in 2005. The classic action game’s story takes around 9 hours to complete, and gives players the context for how Kratos attained his godhood in the first place.

What is God of War 2 bonus?

Bonus Play was first implemented in God of War II. This extra game mode allows the player to replay the game on the same difficulty it has been beaten before (or lower).

Who dies in God of War 2?

God of War II

Character Killed by Cause of death
Kratos Zeus Stabbed in the stomach by the Blade of Olympus
Dark Rider Kratos Stabbed with the Spear of Destiny.
Theseus Kratos Head smashed in Horse Keeper Key door.
Captain Kratos Stabbed three times or slammed into the ground.

Is Kratos the strongest God?

Out of all the Gods of War, Kratos was the most powerful and fearsome one, since he had the powers of Pandora’s Box, the powers of the God of War that belonged to Ares, and plenty of weapons and magic from the other gods and the knowledge to use the godly powers by Athena after the death of his brother.

What are cheat codes for God of War 2?

Challenge of the Titans: Complete the game to unlock this seven room challenge.

  • Arena of the Fates: Earn the rank of Titan in Challenge Mode to unlock.
  • Titan Mode: Complete the game to unlock this harder difficulty.
  • Is God of War 2 will be released on PS3?

    The God of War Collection includes: God of War and God of War II on one Blu-ray Disc for play on the PlayStation 3. Rediscover two of the most highly praised games ever developed for the PS2 in advance of the upcoming release of God of War III on PS3.

    Were do you get Rage in God of War 2?

    To use Rage Mode, simply press L3 and R3 together at the opportune moment. While activated, Kratos has access to a special move set that can actually be upgraded via the appropriate segment of the…

    Can you play God of War 3 on PS2?

    You’ll be able to play God Of War ALL PARTS that were released on PS2. In some years the PS3 emulator project will be finished allowing you to play God Of War III and Ancension. Best part is that you’ll be able to experience God Of War I and II in 4K. Yes, 4K. Though you will also need a supported monitor and atleast a GTX 550 Ti + i3 2100 😛