How do I contact Jozi fm?

How do I contact Jozi fm?

Jozi FM

  2. PO Box 23, DUBE, 1800.
  3. Ekhaya Centre Building, 1st Floor, Room 10, 2212 Mahalefele Road, DUBE.
  4. 011 982 1085. 011 982 4134.
  5. 011 982 7003.
  6. Media Directory: Community Radio Stations.

How do you submit music to Jozi FM?

Submit registered, radio edit, relevant music & a profile to this email [email protected] or drop off hard copy at our offices.

Who is Jozi FM station manager?

Nehanda Radio – Jozi FM station manager Mpho Mhlongo is a… | Facebook.

How do I contact Metro FM?

Contact Us

  1. Studio Contacts: Studio: 089 110 3377.
  2. Social Profiles: Facebook: MetroFMSA.
  3. DJ Contact Details: To get in contact with one of our DJ, please visit the DJ Page.
  4. PR & Communications. Please kindly send an e-mail to [email protected] for any Public Relations and Communications queries.
  5. General Queries:

Where is Jozi FM located?

The studios are based at Khaya Centre in Dube, Soweto in South Africa and covers regions all across Soweto, Kagiso, Lenasia, Krugersdorp, Randfontein, Kempton Park, Germiston and Alberton. Jozi FM was first broadcast in 1999 and can claim a competitive audience of 564,000 (RAMS Nov 2009).

How do I submit my song on Metro FM?

How to submit The music department no longer accepts physical music submissions send your music to [email protected] All submissions are registered and details of persons submitting are recorded All tracks are listened to within the Playlist Meeting The tracks are defined with regards to; Accepted/Shelved/Held over …

How do I contact Ask guy on Metro FM?

METROFM SABC on Twitter: “#AskAMan Call us on 089 110 3377 to give anonymous some advice #WeAreNotDone” / Twitter.

How many listeners does radio 786 have?

It was launched in September 1995 at the Vygieskraal Stadium in Rylands Estate, South Africa with over 30 000 listeners and supporters in attendance….Radio 786.


How do I send my music to radio stations?

To get your song played on the radio, either you or your radio promotion company approaches program directors/music directors at radio stations. You’ll then need to promote your song to them using a combination of press releases or one-sheets, phone calls, and faxes.

How do I submit a song to radio South Africa?


  1. Submit your track digitally to: [email protected] – preferably an MP3 not bigger than 5MB.
  2. Personally submit or courier two CDs to the Station’s music library.
  3. The Library registers the CDs in their system.
  4. The Library forward CDs to the Music Committee.

Where can I submit music?

7 best places for submitting indie music in 2021

  1. Indie Underground. Take time out to read through the requirements of Indie Underground before submitting your music.
  2. Obscure Sound.
  3. Various Small Flames.
  4. Cougar Microbes.
  5. Indie Shuffle.
  6. Submit Hub.
  7. HighClouds.

Can I send my song to radio stations?

How many listeners does Munghana Lonene FM have?

Munghana Lonene FM broadcasts in the Xitsonga language and is also owned by SABC. It is one of South Africa’s favourite radio with over 1.2 million listeners. Its frequencies are 103.2 MHz in Johannesburg and 95.6 MHz in Pretoria.

Where can I email my music?

The essence of submitting your music is to grow your fanbase and get your music on the lips of thousands….That’s why we’ve selected 7 of the best Places to Submit Your Indie Music in 2021.

  1. Indie Underground.
  2. Obscure Sound.
  3. Various Small Flames.
  4. Cougar Microbes.
  5. Indie Shuffle.
  6. Submit Hub.
  7. HighClouds.