How do I use my Cobra radar detector?

How do I use my Cobra radar detector?

While no signal is being detected, press and hold the Dim button for four seconds. The detector allows you to choose whether it will show alerts on the X, K and Ka Bands. The factory settings are: X, K, and Ka Band On. While no signal is being detected, press and hold both the Dim and Mute buttons for four seconds.

How do you program a Cobra radar detector?

Press and hold the “PROGRAM/MUTE” button for two (2) seconds. The detector will emit Three (3) beeps and PROGRAM will appear. Then brief programming instructions will scroll through the display three (3) times. Choose “RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS”.

How much is a Cobra radar detector worth?

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What does laser mean on a Cobra radar detector?

A laser alert is simply a feature in radar detectors that alerts a driver when it detects LIDAR. Once a LIDAR gun has been aimed at you, that’s the only time your radar detector can give you a laser alert, which may already be too late for you to take action as your speed has already been measured.

What does K mean on a Cobra radar detector?

K band radar are radar waves that fall between 18 GHz and 27 GHz, with most of the law enforcement radar guns operating at 24.125 GHz and 24.15 GHz. Police radar began detecting with K band a few decades after X band was introduced.

How do I connect my Cobra radar to my phone?

In order to pair iRadar to your smartphone, go to the Bluetooth Settings Menu on your phone/tablet. For most devices this is found by pressing; Settings ▶ Bluetooth. Press Scan for Devices and/or wait for the Device list to populate and then select iRadar. Pairing can take up to 30 seconds.

Are Cobras good radar detectors?

Yes they’re inexpensive and of course they’re not going to have the features and performance of a $400 radar detector, but the performance is often unacceptably poor as you’ll see in a moment, the false alert filtering is mediocre, and they even “leak” radar in a way that causes problems and false alerts for other …

What mode should my radar detector be on?

When driving around downtown, setting your radar detector to City Mode should keep you alert to potential threats while filtering out false alerts.

Why is my Cobra radar detector not working?

My detector will not turn on Print First make sure that the cigarette plug is making good contact in the socket. Try reinserting the plug a few times. You can also check the fuse by unscrewing the tip of the cigarette plug. There is a spring inside, be careful not to lose the spring.

What is the iRadar app?

The Cobra iRadar app for Android offers all of the standalone features that we saw when we tested the iOS version, including GPS warnings for known road hazards, traffic cameras, and speed traps using Cobra’s Aura Camera and Driving Hazard Database (data connection required) with Google Maps integration.

Do cops know you have radar detector?

They know how radars and radar detectors work, and how to find illegal radar detectors in other people’s vehicles. They are also given visual training so that they can calculate the speed of vehicles from just watching them.

What is quiet drive on Cobra radar detector?

QuietDriveTM Muted driving mode for times driver wants less audible feedback while talking with passengers or on the phone. Premium Anti-Falsing Circuitry Automatically reduces false alerts from erroneous sources including automatic door openers, fixed position traffic flow monitoring systems and other radar detectors.

What does C and H mean on a radar detector?

This entry was posted on April 29, 2011 by Rick. Radar detectors typically operate in several levels or modes of sensitivity. You will usually find a choice between one or more City Modes and Highway Mode.