How do you add a parameter to SU01?

How do you add a parameter to SU01?

Open transaction code: SU01 in change mode and go to the Parameters tab. Enter the name created above in Set / Get parameter ID, enter a value in parameter value, and save.

What is parameter in SAP basis?

Parameter is the set of keys and values to manage the SAP system.There are two types of parameters – Static: – It needs a restart. It doesn’t effect to the system immediately once you set the value for it.

Where is user Parameters in SAP?

Click in the Sales Organization field and press F1 on your keyboard. In the displayed popup press the button showing hammer and wrench. In the Technical Information popup, you will find the Parameter ID.

What is user Parameters in SAP?

Parameter ID is the SAP term that refers to setting a default value so that a particular field is automatically filled in for you. When the default value is filled in, you can still override it for a particular document or query. SAP does NOT provide Parameter IDs for all fields.

How do I set Parameters in SAP?

To define a parameter : Navigate to Configuration, and then click Add Parameter. Complete the top row of SAP Open Connectors parameter information: In Name enter the name of the parameter.

How do you add Parameters in SAP?

Create and change Parameters

  1. Step 1: – Enter transaction code “RZ10” in the SAP command field and enter.
  2. Step 2: – In next screen select profile from the list.
  3. Step 3: – Select on “Extended maintenance” to change or create parameter as per your requirements.
  4. Change parameters.

How do I check parameters in SAP?


  1. Open transaction RSPFPAR (display profile parameters) on the application server instance for which you want to look at the parameter values. You can switch the instance in transaction SM51.
  2. Choose Execute to display a list of all valid profile parameters for the selected application server instance.

How do I set parameters in SAP?

How do you set parameters in SAP?

SET PARAMETER – ABAP Keyword Documentation. SET PARAMETER ID pid FIELD dobj. This statement sets the content of the SPA/GPA parameter specified in pid user memory to the content of the data object dobj.

How do you create a parameter table in SAP?

Creating New Parameter ID in SAP

  1. Open the data element MATNR. Here Parameter ID- MAT is used.
  2. Double click on the Parameter ID.
  3. Open the table TPARA and here we can find Parameter Id – MAT.
  4. To create new parameter ID.
  5. Provide a parameter name and hit Enter key.
  6. Provide the text and save.

How do I change parameters in SAP GUI?


  1. Start SAP GUI or SAP GUI for HTML.
  2. Start Edit Profiles (transaction RZ10).
  3. Choose default profile.
  4. Select Extended maintenance.
  5. To edit or add profile parameters, choose the Change button.
  6. Set the following profile parameters as required.
  7. Save and activate your entries.
  8. Restart AS ABAP.

How do I change user parameters in SAP?

SAP IMG Path: – SPRO > SAP Reference IMG (F5) >>> Personnel Management >>> Personnel Administration >>> Basic Setting >>>> Maintain user Parameter. Select the relevant Country Code by selecting drop down list. After specifies country press enter to continue. Choose the Save icon to save the entries.

What is table parameter in SAP?

Table parameters are obsolete CHANGING parameters that are typed as standard tables with a header line. If an internal table without a header line or a table body is passed as an actual parameter to a formal parameter of this type, an empty local header line is generated in the function module.

How do you maintain Parameters in SAP?