Is Canon Rock hard?

Is Canon Rock hard?

Lets be realistic about this: by normal standards of guitar playing, Canon Rock is extremely demanding.

Where is Canon Rock from?

Taipei, Taiwan
He is known for arranging and playing “Canon Rock”, a rock arrangement of Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D. He began playing the guitar at the age of 17, and the piano before age 15….

Born 31 August 1981 Taipei, Taiwan
Occupation Musician, composer
Years active 2005–present
Chinese name

What is a rock canon?

A rock cannon, also known in Welsh as a carreg cannan (plural: cerrig cannan), craig cannan, or in the 19th century, craig fagnel (plural: craig fagnelau; Welsh: magnel – gun, cannon), is a rock or boulder which has been bored with holes which can be partly loaded with black powder (gunpowder) and ignited to make …

When was Canon Rock created?

It is Pachelbel’s best-known composition and one of the most widely performed pieces of Baroque music. Although it was composed about 1680–90, the piece was not published until the early 20th century. Sheet music for Pachelbel’s Canon by Johann Pachelbel.

What is texture of Canon Rock?

Rounds, canons, and fugues are all polyphonic. (Even if there is only one melody, if different people are singing or playing it at different times, the parts sound independent.) Much late Baroque music is contrapuntal, particularly the works of J.S. Bach.

What does Canon Rock mean?

“Canon Rock” is a neo-classical metal arrangement of Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D major by the Taiwanese musician and composer Jerry Chang (JerryC). The composition contains a variety of melodic licks (more suitable for the advanced guitarists), showing Jerry’s unique way of phrasing and his finger dexterity.

Who made Canon Rock?

JerryCCanon Rock / Composer