Is it OK to put bleach in your well?

Is it OK to put bleach in your well?

You can disinfect your well with household chlorine bleach, such as Javex®. Use fresh chlorine bleach to ensure an effective disinfection of the well.

How much bleach should I use to disinfect my well?

4) Work out how much bleach will be needed: For every 50 gallons of water in the well use one quart of laundry bleach – (4 quarts in a gallon). Do not use excessive amounts of bleach – more is not more effective. 5) For best results the bleach should be combined with water before adding it to the well.

Can I put Clorox bleach in my well?

You can disinfect your well with household chlorine bleach such as Clorox, Purex or a generic brand. The chlorine in the bleach kills bacteria. Note that it may take more than one chlorination for your well to return a satisfactory test.

How long should you let bleach sit in your well?

Mix the bleach with the well water. Then place the hose in the hole where you poured the bleach, allow the water to run back into the well for 15-20 minutes.

How long after bleaching well can I shower?

Step 6 WAIT at least 12 hours before turning faucets back on. Do not drink, cook, bathe, or wash with water from your faucets during this time because it has high amounts of chlorine in it.

What happens if you put too much bleach in a well?

According to AskingLot, if you put too much bleach in your well, it can destroy the good bacteria found in the well, which can be a significant problem! The company also says that you should dilute the bleach with water so the pipes do not get ruined.

What happens if you put too much bleach in well?

What happens if I put too much bleach in my well?

Why does my well water turn brown when I add bleach?

The brown is the iron in the water that has oxidized as a result of the chlorination. Normally, the iron in water is in ion form and does not display itself until it combines with oxygen and forms common rust which turns the water reddish-brown.

How often should you bleach a well?

Homeowners with private wells should have their well water tested every 3 to 5 years for some contaminants, including bacteria. If these tests turn up positive for bacteria, chlorinating the well may be a way to resolve the problem.

How long should you wait to use water after you chlorinate a well?

Once the chlorinated water has reached all the appliances, fixtures and faucets, let the chlorinated water stand in the well and plumbing system for 8 hours. WHILE THE CHLORINE IS IN THE SYSTEM DO NOT DRINK THE WATER.

Can I shower after bleaching my well?

How to safely disinfect your well with bleach?

Using a 5-gallon bucket,mix the bleach from Table 1 with 3-5 gallons of water (12-19 liters).

  • Add the bleach water mixture to the well.
  • Rinse the inside of the well casing with a garden hose or bucket for 5-10 minutes.
  • Open all faucets inside the home and run the water until you notice a strong odor of chlorine (bleach) at each faucet.
  • How to chlorinate a private well?

    Clean the well house,spring house or storage tank or reservoir.

  • Remove debris and scrub or hose off any dirt or other deposits or interior surfaces.
  • Pump to remove any suspended solids or foreign matter in the water if possible.
  • Determine how much chlorine to use to disinfect your well by consulting Table 1.
  • How much bleach should be used for disinfecting?

    [In most cases, one gallon of bleach will disinfect 200 gallons of well water at a chlorine concentration between 200 to 300 ppm (parts per million)] [NOTE- Bleach loses strength in its container over time, Check the “sell by date” and use bleach that is less than three months old.

    Why put bleach in a water well?

    If your annual water test results show that bacteria is present.

  • If you notice a change in the color,smell or taste of your drinking water,you should test for bacteria and will need to chlorinate the water if the test
  • If the well is new,or has recently undergone repairs,or new pipes have been added.