Is the story of Sergeant York true?

Is the story of Sergeant York true?

York was a blacksmith who was drafted into the army during WWI. While serving in the 82nd Infantry Division, he took command and captured a total of 132 German soldiers. York was promoted to the rank of sergeant and received the Medal of Honor. His heroic story was told in the film Sergeant York (1941).

How does Alvin get the money for the bottom land?

How does Alvin get the money for bottom land? he sells a lot of stuff and starts working for $0.75 a day. He does not have all the money and Tomkins gives him 4 more days. When 4 days goes by and he comes back, the land is sold to someone else.

How old was Sergeant York when he died?

76 years (1887–1964)Alvin York / Age at death
York, the reluctant World War I infantryman who became an American legend, died this morning at Veterans Administration Hospital after a long illness. He was 76 years old.

Was Gary Cooper a war hero?

Gary Cooper (May 7, 1901-May 13, 1961) routinely played heroes, either in Westerns or war movies. He developed an image as a stoic, dependable man of the people, which suited his relaxed yet powerful screen presence.

Is Sergeant York a good movie?

Moving, memorable, great Warner Bros. biography of WWI hero York, with fine Cooper performance–an Oscar winner. February 22, 2008 | Rating: 5/5 | Full Review… Sergeant York brought him Hawks one and only Oscar nomination for Best Director, and it’s arguably his least interesting film.

Who is the most decorated soldier of World war 1?

Sgt. Alvin York
If someone were to ask “Who earned the most prestigious U.S. medals in WWI?” the answer most people might give is Sgt. Alvin York. The exploit that earned him the Medal of Honor (MOH) is legendary, and his name became synonymous with WWI.

What is Sergeant York known for?

On October 8, 1918, United States Corporal Alvin C. York reportedly kills over 20 German soldiers and captures an additional 132 at the head of a small detachment in the Argonne Forest near the Meuse River in France. The exploits later earned York the Medal of Honor.

What did General Pershing call York after he learned of the story?

When Alvin Cullum York was born in a log cabin in rural Tennessee, his farmer parents couldn’t have imagined that General Pershing would be calling him “the outstanding civilian soldier of the war” at York’s funeral some 76 years later or that Gary Cooper would win an Oscar for portraying his life in a 1941 film.

What disrupts the church service in Sergeant York?

What disrupts the church service? They find out the war in Europe. What was usual about the bar that Alvin went to? What does Alvin’s mother do when George brings Alvin home frm the bar?

What did Sgt York do after the war?

After the war he returned to Tennessee, where he lived on a farm given him by that state and helped establish an industrial institute and a Bible school for the education of rural youth. His autobiography, Sergeant York, His Own Life Story and War Diary (ed. by T.

Who was the most decorated soldier in World war II?

Audie Murphy
Audie Leon Murphy (20 June 1925 – 28 May 1971) was an American soldier, actor, songwriter, and rancher. He was one of the most decorated American combat soldiers of World War II….

Audie Murphy
Allegiance United States
Service/branch United States Army United States Army National Guard United States Army Reserve

Was Gary Cooper a good horseman?

While his skilled horsemanship led to steady work in Westerns, Cooper found the stunt work‍—‌which sometimes injured horses and riders‍—‌”tough and cruel”. Hoping to move beyond the risky stunt work and obtain acting roles, Cooper paid for a screen test and hired casting director Nan Collins to work as his agent.

Is Sgt York on Netflix?

Rent Sergeant York (1941) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.