What are Apollo chocolate?

What are Apollo chocolate?

Apollo is a brand of strawberry-flavored chocolate from Meiji, a famous manufacturer of iconic Japanese snacks! These cone-shaped Japanese chocolate treats were inspired by the Apollo 11 spacecraft which paved the way for mankind’s first lunar landing.

Is Meiji chocolate from Japan?

Japanese manufacturer of sweets and snacks, Meiji, had an unexpected hit last year in convenience stores and supermarkets with a new line of high-end chocolate bars. The chocolate bars, with their attractive yet minimalist design and highly crafted contents were dubbed simply, meiji・THE Chocolate (明治・ザ・チョコレート).

Is Meiji Candy Japan?

Meiji is one of the leading Japanese snack and candy manufacturers established in 1916. It is known for its rich Japanese chocolate treats like Meltykiss and Apollo. The company’s chocolate treats Kinoko no Yama and Takenoko no Sato are also very popular in Japan.

What is Meiji Apollo?

Apollo are the delicious and famous Mt fuji mountain shaped strawberry chocolates from Meiji. Each piece includes delicious Meiji milk chocolate topped with strawberry flavored white chocolate. This is a must try for every fan of Japanese sweets!

Are Apollo bars Real?

The Apollo bars in “7:15 A.M.” were real candy bars wrapped up in prop paper. While filming the scene where Mary Margaret is out shopping, Ginnifer Goodwin wanted some dark chocolate and went through every one of the Apollo bars looking for it, but they all turned out to be milk chocolate.

Why is Meiji chocolate so good?

Meiji Chocolate Kouka is made with 72% cacao, resulting in a sharp taste of chocolate a refined bitterness that is suitable for even those who are not fans of chocolate. Plus, this chocolate is actually good for your health and figure.

What is Meiji Black Chocolate?

These rich black chocolate blocks from Meiji carry the same creaminess & non-changing ingredients of their famous Milk Chocolate. Each piece is rich with cocoa flavors with a slightly bitter kick of black chocolate. Perfect when served with tea or coffee!

What are Apollo bars?

In The Lost Experience Mental Health Game, the reward for memorizing a sequence of 42 numbers was an Apollo Bar.

What’s in an Apollo candy bar?

What is the most popular chocolate in Japan?

Fujiya. The company’s Country Ma’am cookies are the number one best-selling snack in Japan. The cookie’s popularity is due to a unique baking process that results in a crispy exterior and moist interior. Their most popular range of chocolates are called “Look”.

Is Meiji dark chocolate healthy?

Meiji-funded study shows consumption of dark chocolate reduces post-meal glucose spike among healthy subjects. Consumption of a cacao polyphenol-rich chocolate was shown to reduce post-meal plasma glucose rise, according to a recent study funded by Meiji and undertaken by the University of Shizuoka in Japan.

Are Apollo chocolate bars Real?

Is Apollo chocolate real?

Japanese candy company Meiji Sheika has been producing an actual chocolate product called Apollo (アポロ) since 1969. The chocolate does not come in bars, however, but in small pieces of chocolate in the shape of the Apollo 11 command module[5]. The bars were up for auction at Lost: The Auction.

How much is Meiji chocolate in Japan?

One box of Meiji Chocolate Bar costs around 80 yen to 90 yen. This chocolate is a great match for those who want to go back to basic and enjoy plain chocolate. The flavor ranges from dark, milk, sweet and white. Meiji Chocolate Bar dates back to 1926 when it was first introduced.

Is Meiji chocolate good for you?