What are the international banks in Cameroon?

What are the international banks in Cameroon?

Afriland first bank.

  • Ecobank Cameroon.
  • citibank.
  • Is Bicec Bank and International Bank?

    French banks such as Societe Generale, Credit Lyonnais, Banques Populaires, and the Natexis BICEC Group are some of the major foreign banks operating in Cameroon….BICEC.

    Acronym Definition
    BICEC Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center (China)

    What are the names of bank in Cameroon?

    List of Banks in Cameroon

    • Bank of Central African States.
    • Afriland First Bank.
    • Atlantic Bank Cameroon.
    • Banque International du Cameroun pour l’Epargne et le Crédit (BICEC)
    • Citibank.
    • Commercial Bank of Cameroon (CBC)
    • Ecobank.
    • National Financial Credit Bank (NFC)

    Is there bank of America in Cameroon?

    U.S. Banks and Local Correspondent Banks: The only American bank operating in Cameroon as of May 2019 is Citibank. Several Cameroonian banks have correspondent status with other American financial institutions.

    How many banks are in Cameroon?

    Number of banks per country in CEMAC 2017 This statistic presents the number of banks in each country of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community in 2017. There were 15 banks in Cameroon in that year.

    How do I open a Cameroon bank account online?

    In general, to open a current bank account in Cameroon, you will have to produce two 4×4 identity photos, proof of income such as your recent pay slips, proof of address and a certified copy of your passport or national identity card. Other documents may be requested, depending on the bank you have chosen.

    Is Wells Fargo bank in Cameroon?

    Services around the world Wells Fargo does not have offices outside of the U.S. that provide services to consumer or small business customers. For assistance with your accounts when traveling internationally, refer to our international access codes for phone numbers, or visit our travel resource center.

    How can I open a bank account in Cameroon?

    How many banks exist in Cameroon?

    How much does it cost to open a bank account in Cameroon?

    Cost of Creating or Opening a Bank Account in Cameroon The cost of opening in Cameroon, in most cases, is free. Depending on the type of bank account created in Cameroon, the individual or entity may be asked to pay the sum of 10,000 XAF to 50,000 XAF as an initial deposit. This amount can be withdrawn at any time.

    How can I open a free bank account in Cameroon?

    Can I open a bank account online in Cameroon?

    Opening a bank account in Cameroon is very easy or straightforward. You could either walk into a bank to start your registration process, or you can register online and generate a bank account on the bank’s platform.

    What is the interest rate in Cameroon?

    Related Last Unit
    Interest Rate 4.00 percent
    Loans To Private Sector 2354.80 XOF Billion

    How much does it cost to open a UBA bank account in Cameroon?