What are the new software features of the iPhone 5S?

What are the new software features of the iPhone 5S?

Among new software features introduced to the iPhone 5S were AirDrop, an ad-hoc Wi-Fi sharing platform; Control Center, a control panel containing a number of commonly used functions; and iTunes Radio, an internet radio service.

When is the Apple iPhone 5S launch date?

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What is the commercial reception of the iPhone 5S and 5c?

Commercial reception. The iPhone 5S and 5C sold over nine million units in the first three days, setting a record for first weekend smartphone sales, with the 5S selling three times more units than the 5C. After the first day of release, 1% of all iPhones in the US were iPhone 5Ss, while 0.3% were iPhone 5Cs.

Are iPhone 5S activations more than triple those of 5c?

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Are there any problems with the iPhone 5S’s hardware?

Several problems were experienced with the iPhone 5S’s hardware after its release. The most widely reported issue is that the angle reported by the phone’s level sensor had drifted by several degrees, which caused the gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer to become inaccurate. Reports suggested that this is a hardware-induced problem.

Does the iPhone 5S have a motion coprocessor?

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What is Touch ID on the iPhone 5S camera?

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