What diseases are on the notifiable or reportable list for Michigan?

What diseases are on the notifiable or reportable list for Michigan?

Campylobacteriosis (Campylobacter species) Candidiasis (Candida auris) (4)

  • Hepatitis A virus (Anti-HAV IgM, HAV genotype) Hepatitis B virus (HBsAg, HBeAg, anti-HBc IgM, HBV NAAT, HBV.
  • Rabies (Rabies virus) (4) Rabies: potential exposure and post exposure prophylaxis (PEP)
  • (1) Reporting within 3 days is required.
  • Is Michigan a mandatory report state?

    Michigan Child Protection Law requires certain professionals to report their suspicions of child abuse or neglect to Centralized Intake (CI) at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). These people are mandated reporters and have established relationships with children based on their profession.

    Who are mandatory reporters in Michigan?

    (a) A physician, dentist, physician’s assistant, registered dental hygienist, medical examiner, nurse, person licensed to provide emergency medical care, audiologist, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, licensed professional counselor, social worker, licensed master’s social worker, licensed bachelor’s social …

    What disease must be reported?

    Rubella (including congenital syndrome) Salmonella paratyphi and typhi infections. Salmonellosis. Severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus disease (SARS CoV-2)

    Which of the following diseases are notifiable in the United States?

    Nationally Notifiable Diseases

    • Cholera.
    • Cryptosporidiosis.
    • Cyclosporiasis.
    • Giardiasis.
    • Hepatitis A.
    • Legionellosis.
    • Malaria*
    • Salmonellosis.

    Is shingles a reportable disease?

    Zoster (shingles) must be reported to MDH within one working day. Report the following instances: any incidence in individuals <18 years old. disseminated disease or complications other than post-herpetic neuralgia, such as visceral, CNS, or severe ocular involvement, irrespective of age.

    Who is not a mandated reporter in Michigan?

    Michigan recognizes only two exceptions to mandatory reporting for the following legally recognized privileged communications: privileged communications between an attorney and client or made to a clergy member in his or her professional character in a confession or similarly confidential communication.

    What do therapists have to report in Michigan?

    The therapist has legal mandated reporting obligations, as a mandated reporter, to report this child abuse incident to CPS. CPS then forwards the information to the local CAC (Child Advocacy Center), the local police department, and the local prosecutor’s office (which is not required).

    What STDs must be reported to CDC?

    The Department of Public Health mandates reporting of 5 STDs; syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, neonatal herpes, and chancroid. Surveillance activities are conducted on the 3 most common STDs; syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, all of which can be cured with proper treatment.

    What STD is nationally notifiable?

    Chlamydia became a nationally notifiable condition in 1995, and the form was modified to support reporting of chlamydia that year. FORM CDC 73.126: Congenital Syphilis (CS) Case Investigation and Reporting.

    Are coaches mandated reporters in Michigan?

    Physical and occupational therapists, and athletic trainers are now required to report suspected child abuse or neglect under a new Michigan law that follows the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal.

    What can your therapist report?

    Therapists are required by law to disclose information to protect a client or a specific individual identified by the client from “serious and foreseeable harm.” That can include specific threats, disclosure of child abuse where a child is still in danger, or concerns about elder abuse.

    Are STDs a reportable disease?

    In California, health care providers who have diagnosed, or suspect the presence of, a sexually transmitted disease (STD) in their patient are legally required to report that information to the local health department.

    What STDs do you have to report to the CDC?

    STI and HIV/AIDS cases should be reported in accordance with state and local statutory requirements. Syphilis (including congenital syphilis), gonorrhea, chlamydia, chancroid, and HIV are reportable diseases in every state.

    Do STDs have to be reported?

    Are STDs reportable to the CDC?

    Is chlamydia notifiable?

    Notification requirement for chlamydia Chlamydia is a ‘routine’ notifiable condition and must be notified by pathology services in writing within 5 days of diagnosis. Medical practitioners are not required to notify cases of Chlamydia.