What does cross firing mean?

What does cross firing mean?

1a : firing (as in combat) from two or more points so that the lines of fire cross. b : a situation wherein the forces of opposing factions meet, cross, or clash caught in a political cross fire. 2 : rapid or heated exchange of words.

What is another word for Crossfire?

What is another word for crossfire?

antagonism barrage
clash clash of opinions
conflict disagreement

What part of speech is crossfire?

CROSSFIRE (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What causes horses to Crossfire?

When the horse cross-fires, it means that the horse is on two leads: the front two legs are on one lead while the back two legs are on the opposite lead instead of moving in a synchronized way. Lack of balance and muscle control are the main reasons for cross-firing which may occur either occasionally or consistently.

What is crossfire in conflict?

A crossfire (also known as interlocking fire) is a military term for the siting of weapons (often automatic weapons such as assault rifles or sub-machine guns) so that their arcs of fire overlap. This tactic came to prominence in World War I.

How do you use crossfire in a sentence?

Crossfire sentence example

  1. I don’t want you hurt in the crossfire.
  2. Don’t forget to apologize to anyone that was in your crossfire.

When someone gets caught in the crossfire?

If you are caught in the crossfire, you become involved in an unpleasant situation in which people are arguing with each other, although you do not want to be involved or say which person you agree with.

Is CrossFire a real word?

A crossfire (also known as interlocking fire) is a military term for the siting of weapons (often automatic weapons such as assault rifles or sub-machine guns) so that their arcs of fire overlap.

How do you use CrossFire in a sentence?

Why do horses disunited in canter?

Pain that affects the joints, neck and back are also often a possible cause for a horse who is disunited. A misalignment of the pelvis is a frequent source of an inability to canter on the correct lead. This can be exacerbated by imbalance, lack of confidence or poor footing, whether ridden or on a longe line.

What are the signs of kissing spine in horses?

Signs & Symptoms

  • Shows anxiety on the crossties such as shifting weight, bowel movements, etc.
  • Resents grooming, especially over the back area.
  • Drops or dips the back when the saddle is placed on it.
  • Acts irritable or bites the air or the crossties when the girth is tightened.
  • Makes it difficult to mount.

What means crosshair?

Definition of crosshair : a fine wire or thread in the focus of the eyepiece of an optical instrument used as a reference line in the field or for marking the instrumental axis —used figuratively to describe someone or something being targeted as if through an aiming device having crosshairs …

What is a steadfast friend?

staying the same for a long time and not changing quickly or unexpectedly: a steadfast friend/ally.

What is CrossFire in conflict?

How do I know if my horse is cross cantering?

Cross cantering is when your horse is on one lead in his front legs and the opposite lead in the back. It feels really strange and bumpy, so you’ll know he’s doing it immediately. Cross cantering happens when your horse is unbalanced.

Should a horse with kissing spine be ridden?

The presence of kissing spines is not necessarily a cause for concern, but it may be considered as a predisposing factor for back pain. The majority of affected horses that exhibit clinical signs are able to return to work with medical or surgical treatment and physical therapy.

Can poor saddle fit cause kissing spine?

Dr. Carol Vischer, DVM of New York has extensively researched this topic and concluded that kissing spines is a disease that some horses are just prone to. In my opinion, it can definitely be caused and impacted by poor riding technique and improper saddle fit.

Why is it called a crosshair?

Binoculars, telescopes, and microscopes all use the same kind of device for focusing as the crosshairs of a rifle or gun. The word crosshairs simply comes from the two lines that intersect in the shape of a cross.

What do crosshairs look like?

Crosshairs are typically represented as a pair of perpendicularly intersecting lines in the shape of a cross, “+”, though many variations of additional features exist including dots, posts, concentric circles/horseshoes, chevrons, graduated markings, or a combination of above.