What is a Lord Elgin watch?

What is a Lord Elgin watch?

The Elgin National Watch Company, commonly known as Elgin Watch Company, was a major US watch maker from 1864 to 1968. The company sold watches under the names Elgin, Lord Elgin, and Lady Elgin.

How can I tell if my Elgin watch is real gold?

First, open the rear cover and check if it has these markings: 10K, 14K, or 18K. These markings are easy to see because they are impressed into the inside of the back cover. If you notice any one of these markings, then your Elgin watch is gold.

What’s the difference between Elgin and Lord Elgin?

Q: What is the difference between an “Elgin” and a “Lord Elgin” watch? A: “Lord Elgin” is not a different company. The Lord Elgin and Lady Elgin lines began in 1937. They were generally higher end wristwatches, but there were also some Lord Elgin pocketwatches.

Where is Elgin watch serial number?

Serial Number Instead, pry open the case on the back, check the mechanics (movement) for a sequential digit, and look it up in the Elgin Watch Database. Elgin National Watch Co.

Are Elgin watches made of real gold?

It’s made of 14 carat yellow gold and bears the label “Lady Elgin 23” on the dial. Depending on the condition, this watch can be bought at auction for about $950.

What happened to the Elgin Watch Company?

The original factory, Plant No. 1, containing 454,800 square feet, in Elgin, closed in 1964, after having produced half of the total number of pocket watches manufactured in the United States (excluding dollar pocket watches). The factory clock tower had been put out of commission, in late August 1965, and on Oct.

How do I find the model of my watch?

The model number is located between the watch lugs under the bracelet. One set of lugs displays the watch serial number and the other will show the watch model number.

What are Elgin grades?

Elgin watch grades identify the level of quality to which they are finished. Elgin assigned a grade number to a movement of a specific size, jeweling and finish. If a change was made a different grade number would be assigned. Elgin also assigned a name, such as B W.