What is permissible FSI in Navi Mumbai?

What is permissible FSI in Navi Mumbai?

The FSI (Floor Space Index) in Navi Mumbai areas is 2.5.

How can I check my OC status in Navi Mumbai?

Step 1: Revisit the official portal and click on “Application status” which is present on the homepage. Step 2: Click on “Full occupancy” option from the listed out the menu. Step 3: Enter your application number and click on the “Search” icon to know the status of your application.

What is Development Control Regulations for Greater Bombay 1991?

The Development Control Regulations of Greater Bombay, 1991 is a legislation which contains detailed provisions for development purpose imposing checks at every level to ensure that no illegal or unauthorized development takes place.

What is development control regulation?

Development Control Regulations are a set of rules that are planned to ensure the proper and effective development of a city, as well as the general welfare of the public. Regulation is necessary to ensure planned development.

Is parking included in FSI?

each. FSI, however, prohibits public amenities such as common area, parking area, interior open space, pipes and basement completely used for parking. These areas are excluded while calculating FSI.

What is OC in property?

An OC certifies that the construction of the building has complied with the approved plans. It is issued by local municipal authorities or the building proposal department once the building has been completed and is ready to be occupied.

How can I get Occupancy Certificate in Navi Mumbai?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Application form.
  2. Commencement certificate.
  3. Completion certificate.
  4. Built plan along with elevation, site, and section plan.
  5. Building completion certificate by structural engineer on record.
  6. Building completion certificate by construction engineer on record.
  7. No objection certificate from fire force.

Is balcony included in FSI for redevelopment?

Exceptions to Floor Area Ratio Some important exceptions on how to calculate floor area ratio are amenities like common spaces, parking areas, any interior open space such as the balcony, basements exclusively used for parking, attics, exterior spaces, sports courts, etc. These areas are not included in the FAR.

What is RG area in construction?

The state government, in the Development Control regulations which decide the use of land, has asked the BMC to calculate the development potential of a plot on the gross area even though 15% is reserved for open space, for which the legal term is recreational ground (RG).

What is DCR Mumbai?

1. The Development Control Regulations (DCR) for Greater Mumbai, 1991, apply as a regulatory compulsion on building activities and development work in areas under the jurisdiction of Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay.

Is terrace included in carpet area?

A carpet area is defined as the net usable area of an apartment. This floor area excludes external walls, areas under service shafts, exclusive balcony, veranda or open terrace area.

Does balcony come in FSI?

Exterior spaces, balconies, patios, parking, walkways and driveways that are covered, attics and outdoor sports courts, are not included in the gross floor area.

Is garage included in floor area?

Unlike “Floor Area,” building area includes garages, carports, storage buildings, and other attached or detached accessory structures.

Can I get a Khata without OC?

Firstly, please note that , Since you do not get OC, you will not be able to possess an A khata for the building, since application for A khata requires OC as a document to be attached by the builder. it is a mandatory rule to procure OC and occupying any flat without OC is illegal.

What is the difference between completion certificate and Occupancy Certificate?

Occupancy Certificate examines and certifies a property for adherence to bye-laws, civic amenities, electricity, sanitation and other clearances. On the other hand, a Completion Certificate is a document that certifies that a property is fit for possession by the buyers.

What is CC in building?

A Completion Certificate (CC) is issued only after the construction meets other building standards like distance from the road, the height of the building, and rainwater harvesting system. A CC alone cannot legalise occupation; the OC is a must.

What are the development control regulations for Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation 1994?

Development Control Regulations Development Control Regulations for Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation -1994 Detail Information – (As published in April 2006) 1 Administration – Part I 2 Development Permission – Part II 3 Zoning And Use Provisions – Part III 4 Classification Of Development – Part IV 5

When did the development control rules for Greater Mumbai come into force?

(3) Date of coming into force.- These Regulations shall come into force on 25 th March 1991 and shall replace the existing Development Control Rules for Greater Mumbai framed under the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966 (Mah. Act No. XXXVII of 1966).

What are the regulations for area of development plan for Naina?

1.1 Short Title These Regulations shall be called the “Development Control and Promotion Regulations for area of Development Plan for NAINA” (hereinafter called as “these Regulations”). 1.2 Jurisdiction These Regulations shall apply to the development of lands within the area of Development Plan for NAINA including IDP area.

Where can I find NMM Conline in Navi Mumbai?

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