What is Qmail queue?

What is Qmail queue?

DESCRIPTION. qmail-queue reads a mail message from descriptor 0. It then reads envelope information from descriptor 1. It places the message into the outgoing queue for future delivery by qmail-send. The envelope information is an envelope sender address followed by a list of envelope recipient addresses.

How do I delete a Qmail queue?

How to clear qmail queue

  1. First of all check the current mail queue with following command. [[email protected]~]# /var/qmail/bin/qmail-qstat.
  2. 2.In order to remove mail queue. Stop the qmail service.
  3. Once the service is stopped execute the following commands one by one.
  4. start the qmail service.
  5. Check the mail queue.

How do I clear a mail queue in Solaris?

By default sendmail under Solaris queues messages when the load average is over 8, which is not very useful on a large, busy multiprocessor system. If that’s the problem try modifying /etc/mail/sendmail.cf, uncommenting the O QueueLA= option, setting it to a higher value and restarting sendmail.

How do I check my Qmail queue?

How do I View Messages in the Qmail Queue?

  1. Login to SSH, see Accessing a Linux Dedicated Server Using SSH for more information.
  2. Type su – .
  3. Enter the root password you setup for your server.
  4. Once logged into SSH as root , type the following to list out all messages currently in queue:

How do I clear Exim queue?

Exim Remove All messages From the Mail Queue

  1. To print a list of the messages in the queue, enter: # exim -bp.
  2. To remove a message from the queue, enter: # exim -Mrm {message-id}
  3. To remove all messages from the queue, enter: # exim -bp | awk ‘/^ *[0-9]+[mhd]/{print “exim -Mrm ” $3}’ | bash.

How do I clear mail in Linux?

You can simply delete the /var/mail/username file to delete all emails for a specific user. Also, emails that are outgoing but have not yet been sent will be stored in /var/spool/mqueue .

How do I stop Qmail service?

Answer: Find the qmail-send process and give it a TERM signal. It will shut down cleanly after current deliveries stop. Wait for “exiting” to show up in the log.

How do I check mail queue in Plesk?


  1. Log into your Plesk Control Panel.
  2. Click on Tools & Settings, located at the menus on the left side of Plesk.
  3. Under the Mail section, click on Mail Server Settings.
  4. Click on the Mail Queue tab.
  5. Your undelivered messages will be listed in the Messages in mail queue section.

Is qmail Info legit?

Recent quality reports have classified qmail.com with a low risk profile as most accounts originating from this domain are valid and safe. Qmail.com is currently ranked as the 297,495th most popular website online based on visits from recent web traffic.

How do I delete frozen emails in Exim?

Remove frozen emails from mail queue

  1. To remove all frozen emails from the mail queue. # exim -bp|grep frozen|awk ‘{print $3}’ |xargs exim -Mrm.
  2. To remove emails which are in the queue for more than 5 days (432000 seconds) # exiqgrep -o 432000 -i | xargs exim -Mrm.
  3. To remove all emails from the queue (not recommended)

How do I delete a mail queue in Cpanel?

Delete Message. Deliver Message Now. Return to Mail Queue….Only use this if you wish to delete all emails from your mail queue.

  1. Click Delete All. A new window will display.
  2. Click OK to confirm that you wish to delete all emails.
  3. A new window will display. Click OK .

How do I clean my VAR mail root?

The easiest way is to empty root or users email message file. The file is located at/var/spool/mail/root or /var/spool/mail/username location. You can read mail using mail/mailx command….How to remove root user’s email every day using cron job.

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How do I delete a VAR mail in Unix?

Run mail in a terminal. Press d 1-. This will delete those messages.

How do I restart Qmail?

To restart qmail, run /var/qmail/rc the same way it is run from your system boot scripts, with the proper PATH, resource limits, etc. The supervise process will kill qmail, wait for it to stop, and restart it. Use -d instead of -t if you don’t want qmail to restart automatically; to restart it, use -u.

How do I clear my mail queue in Plesk?


  1. Log into Plesk.
  2. Go to Tools & Settings > Mail Server Settings > Mail Queue > Clear.

What does postfix flush do?

Occasionally, as part of the administration of this service, users will view, flush, and purge Postfix mail queues. These actions facilitate the manipulation of email delivery, enabling message reprioritization and/or cancellation.

What are frozen emails?

Mails sent to invalid, non existent mail accounts which are undelivered to the recipient & still sit in the mail queue are frozen emails.