What is the best PG-13 show on Netflix?

What is the best PG-13 show on Netflix?

The 40 Best Netflix Shows for Teens and Tweens Who Love TV

  • Derry Girls. Jack Barnes/Netflix.
  • Stranger Things. Netflix.
  • Umbrella Academy. Netflix.
  • The Circle. Netflix.
  • Big Mouth. Netflix.
  • Cobra Kai. Netflix.
  • Elite. Netflix.
  • Family Reunion. Netflix.

How many PG-13 movies are there?

The MPAA, whose members are the major Hollywood studios, administers the ratings system in tandem with the National Association of Theater Owners. The next biggest grouping are titles rated PG (5,578), followed by PG-13 (4,913) and G-rated releases (1,574).

Is Pretty Little Liars PG 13?

#6 Pretty Little Liars In saying that, it’s rated age 14+ with most parental reviews citing it’s ok for age 13+. Be warned, the suspense and drama are compelling! If your child is watching it, expect them to be staring at their screens for hours.

What are the best PG-13 movies on Netflix Right Now?

19 Best PG-13 Movies on Netflix Right Now. 1 Senna (2010) If you’re not a fan of F1 racing, you might not know who Ayrton Senna is. If you are, there is no way you don’t know. However, this 2010 2 Stranger Than Fiction (2006) 3 Philomena (2013) 4 An Education (2009) 5 Undefeated (2011)

How old do you have to be to see a PG-13 movie?

How old do you have to be to see a PG 13 movie? [While there are no PG-13 rules from a legal perspective, kids under 13 can be prohibited from seeing a PG-13 movie in a theater if not accompanied by an adult. It is ultimately the decision of the parent what they deem acceptable for their kids to be exposed to.

What does a PG-13 rating mean?

The Motion Pictures Association of America defines the PG-13 rating as one that strongly advises parents against potential material that may be unsuitable for children below the age of 13.

What is the rating of the BFG movie?

Rating: PG The BFG stands for the Big Friendly Giant, a movie about the friendship of an orphan girl with a kind-hearted giant. Like other Disney’s movie, The BFG is rich of moral messages that can make you weep easily. 81. Zathura: A Space Adventure Rating: PG