What is the best time to visit Shirakawago?

What is the best time to visit Shirakawago?

Winter (December to February) Winter in Shirakawago is really cold, but it’s considered as the best season to visit there as the whole village turns into a magical snow wonderland. From mid December, snow starts falling down around the village.

Why is Shirakawago famous?

Declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1995, they are famous for their traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses, some of which are more than 250 years old.

Does Shirakawago have snow?

In Shirakawa-go, snow falls from around late December until early March. You can enjoy the winter scenery of the snow covered gassho style village together with a backdrop of brilliant white mountains.

When was Shirakawago built?

Early prototypes were built from around 1700, as silk and gunpowder production in the village flourished during the Edo era. The design evolved into the form currently seen around the village in around 1800.

Does Gifu have snow?

How much does it snow in Gifu? Throughout the year, there are 24.5 snowfall days, and 460mm (18.11″) of snow is accumulated.

Do people live in Shirakawago?

About 2,000 people living in Shirakawa-go, most of them clustered into a handful of communities. Of these villages, Ogimachi is the most picturesque. With a population of only 800, Ogimachi is a relic of Japan’s past, rare indeed in a nation that seems hell-bent on rushing into the 21st century.

Can you live in Shirakawa?

The residents of Shirakawago still live in several small villages. The most popular village for visitors is Ogimachi which in 1995 was declared World Cultural and Heritage Site. Although it is off the beaten track, Shirakawago is well worth the visit.

How do I get to Shirakawa-go?

You have two options: head to Shinjuku Station from the airport and take the bus to Takayama and then onto Shirakawa-go or head to Tokyo Station and take the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Toyama or Kanazawa and then take the bus to Shirakawa-go.

How do you get from Takayama to Shirakawa-go?

It takes about 50 minutes by bus from Takayama Nohi Bus Center to Shirakawago. Take comfortable and accessible Nohi Bus. There are 16 round-trip bus services a day. (Some services are on a reservation basis) After sightseeing around Shirakawago, you can go to Kanazawa, Toyama or Takaoka (by Kaetsunou Bus) by bus.

What does Shirakawa mean?

white river
Shirakawa (written 白川 or 白河; “white river”) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: Emperor Shirakawa (白河天皇, 1053 – 1129), 72nd Emperor of Japan.

Is Shirakawa a city?

Shirakawa (白河市, Shirakawa-shi) is a city located in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

What is there to do in Gifu in the winter?

So whether your home is in a desert or tropical rain forest, take a moment to experience some of northern Gifu’s snowy winter weather.

  • Shirakawa-go Village.
  • Takayama – Nakabashi Bridge.
  • Takayama – Kajibashi Bridge and Miyagawa Morning Market St. (
  • Shinhotaka Ropeway (Okuhida Hot Spring Villages)

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What does Shirakawa mean in English?

Shirakawa (written 白川 or 白河; “white river”) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: Emperor Shirakawa (白河天皇, 1053 – 1129), 72nd Emperor of Japan.

Is shirakawago worth visiting?

In Shirakawago you are set free to explore with map in hand. It is an amazing place, certainly worth the visit. I have been to Japan many times and I have never seen a town like this. You can pay a few hundred yen to enter the homes.

Can I use JR pass to shirakawago?

From Takayama to Shirakawago Hourly buses operate between Takayama and Shirakawago. The JR Pass is not valid on these buses, and some require seating reservations.

How do I get to gokayama?

Gokayama can be accessed through a combination of trains and buses. For those already in Toyama , Takaoka and Shin-Takaoka stations serve as the central hub for the area. From Shin-Takaoka Station, take the World Heritage Bus for a one-hour direct trip to Gokayama.

How do I access Shirakawago?

Since there is no train transportation in Shirakawago, if you wish to ride the train you may take the bus from Shirakawago to nearest train station such as Kanazawa or Takayama city. Get to the charming World Heritage site. To navigate, press the arrow keys.

How do I get to Shirakawago from Kanazawa?

The quickest way to get from Kanazawa to Shirakawa-go is to taxi which costs ¥31000 – ¥38000 and takes 1h 2m. Is there a direct bus between Kanazawa and Shirakawa-go? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Kanazawa Station station and arriving at Shirakawago. Services depart twice daily, and operate every day.