What is the cost of Foxit PhantomPDF?

What is the cost of Foxit PhantomPDF?

Foxit PhantomPDF Pricing Foxit PhantomPDF Standard (create, edit, export PDFs + more): $139/one-time or $132/annually Foxit PhantomPDF Business (complete PDF lifecycle solution): $179/one-time or $99/annually Education discounts are available.

Is Foxit PhantomPDF standard free?

Foxit PhantomPDF is a capable and convenient PDF creation and editing program that includes just about all of the features you’d hope to find. As long as you don’t mind registering, you can try it out for free for 30 days, and the full purchase price is $106.80.

What is Foxit PhantomPDF standard?

PhantomPDF Standard is targeted to those who need to create, review, edit, manage, share, and secure PDF documents. This product is largely equivalent to Adobe Acrobat Standard. Certain features and functionality are only available on the business edition.

How much is a Foxit license?

Foxit PDF Editor Pricing

Name Price
Foxit PDF Editor Standard Windows Subscription Starting at $14.991 License Per Month Free Trial
Foxit PDF Editor Windows Starting at $159.001 License With One-Time Purchase Free Trial
Foxit PDF Editor Pro Windows Starting at $179.001 License With One-Time Purchase Free Trial

What is the price of PDF editor?

PDF Editor Pro Pricing Overview PDF Editor Pro pricing starts at $69.99 as a flat rate, as a one-time payment. They do not have a free version.

Can I install Foxit on more than one computer?

You may permit a single authorized end user to install the Product on a single computer or a virtual machine for use by that end user only. A virtual machine with a single-user license Product shall not be copied or shared, and unless it has obtained written consent from Foxit.

Is Foxit PhantomPDF better than Adobe?

Foxit PhantomPDF and Adobe Acrobat can create PDFs from multiple different file types, includingn Word, Excel, PPT and more. When it comes to creation of PDFs from scanned documents, Foxit PhantomPDF takes the lead since it can perform a higher compression compared to Adobe Acrobat.

Is Foxit as good as Adobe?

When assessing the two solutions, reviewers found Foxit PDF Editor easier to use, set up, and administer. Reviewers also preferred doing business with Foxit PDF Editor overall. Reviewers felt that Foxit PDF Editor meets the needs of their business better than Adobe Acrobat DC.

Is Foxit PDF Editor worth it?

I use Foxit PDF editor to edit and create PDFs. It’s much easier than Adobe or other PDF software I’ve used. It’s also much easier to comment and edit PDFs, get signatures, etc. It can be collaborative if necessary which is helpful when sharing a project amongst team members.

Is Foxit an annual subscription?

Foxit PDF Editor Pro – Full-Featured and Cost-Effective PDF Solution. Create awesome PDFs with Foxit PDF Editor Pro’s powerful yet easy workflows across desktop, mobile, and cloud–no matter if you’re at the office, home, or on the go.

Is Foxit Reader free for commercial use?

Foxit is free for both commercial and private use. Foxit does provide an enterprise Reader that is tailor made for commercial users that require easy software deployment within their server environment.

Which is best Adobe Reader or Foxit?

When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Adobe Acrobat Reader is the preferred option. For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred the direction of Foxit PDF Reader over Adobe Acrobat Reader.

How to make Foxit your default PDF reader?

Go to the Mac’s Finder,please single click on any of the PDF files to make it to be selected.

  • Click on the File menu and select Get Info to bring up the xxx.pdf Info dialog box.
  • Expand Open with: by clicking on the triangle to the left.
  • How to install Foxit PDF?

    – OCR component Re-install with a full setup package Install plugin separately – PDF/A plugin Re-install with a full setup package Install plugin separately – FileOpen Install plugin separately – Foxit IFilter plugin

    How to get Foxit PDF editor free and legally?

    Foxit PDF software download and cloud service trial center. Free download PDF software for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android to view, convert & edit PDF files.

    How to merge PDFs with Foxit?

    Inside Foxit PDF Editor,open a file you want to merge pages into.

  • Open Pages navigation pane,right click on a page thumbnail where you want the merged pages to insert.
  • Choose Insert Pages and choose one of the commands below to do merging.