What is the deal with Miranda Sings?

What is the deal with Miranda Sings?

Miranda Sings is a fictional character, created and portrayed by American comedian, actress, singer and YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger, that first appeared on the Internet in 2008. Ballinger displays videos of the comically talentless, egotistical, misguided and quirky character on her YouTube channel.

How many kids does Miranda Sings have in real life?

The YouTube star, known as Miranda Sings on the video platform, announced that she and her husband Erik Stocklin welcomed their twins, a baby boy and a baby girl, who they haven’t yet named. The couple, who are already parents to 2-year-old son Flynn Timothy Stocklin, shared the news to Instagram on Wednesday, Nov.

Does Miranda Sings have a child?

Flynn Timothy Stocklin
Wesley Koy StocklinMaisy Joanne Stocklin
Colleen Ballinger/Children

How old is Miranda Sings now?

35 years (November 21, 1986)Colleen Ballinger / Age

What personality disorder does Miranda Sings have?

While Haters Back Off! is fully Miranda Sings — a narcissistic, fame-hungry teenager with an attitude problem and a blatant disregard for liplines — Colleen Ballinger very much remains in the picture.

What did Miranda name her twins?

Colleen Ballinger, Known as Miranda Sings on YouTube, Reveals the Names of Her Twins. Welcome to the world, Wesley and Maisy! A little over a week after YouTube star Colleen Ballinger announced she and husband Erik Stocklin welcomed twins, influencer took to her Instagram Stories on Nov.

Does Miranda have a twin sister?

Minerva (Kristen Wilson) is the villainess from the alternate ending of 2007’s Disney Channel film, Twitches Too. She is the evil twin sister of Miranda, and the aunt to Miranda’s twin daughters (and main protagonists) Alex and Cam.

Who plays the drag queen in Haters Back Off?

Colleen Ballinger and Erik Stocklin’s real life best friend, Kory Desoto, played the Drag Queen in this episode.

Is Miranda’s son Brady Brady?

That’s right, little Brady Hobbes—the son of Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Steve (David Eigenberg). The actor who played Hobbes’ son was Joseph Pupo, and now 13 years on, the red-haired actor has resurfaced as a teenager.

What happened Colleen’s babies?

Colleen Ballinger brought her babies home just in time for Christmas. On Tuesday, the 34-year-old YouTube star revealed that her newborn twins, Wesley Koy and Maisy Joanne — who she shares with husband Erik Stocklin — are “finally” both at home following their stay in the neonatal intensive care unit.

What’s wrong with Colleen Ballinger’s twins?

Ballinger documented the birth of her twins on her YouTube channel, where she revealed that her babies arrived in an emergency cesarean section as she had a “dangerous umbilical cord complication called cord prolapse.” Her original due date was Dec. 27, she shared.

Is Haters Back Off inappropriate?

In 2019 Miranda Sings made her Netflix debut in a show called “Haters Back Off!” It’s rated PG, so many parents have allowed their children to watch it. With a PG rating, even if you’ve set up some good parental controls this could pop up as a suggested show for your kids to watch.