What is the difference between D Jetronic and L Jetronic?

What is the difference between D Jetronic and L Jetronic?

L-Jetronic used custom-designed integrated circuits, resulting in a simpler and more reliable engine control unit (ECU) than the D-Jetronic’s. L-Jetronic was used heavily in 1980s-era European cars, as well as BMW K-Series motorcycles.

What is KE Jetronic?

KE-Jetronic are the air-flow sensor, the actuator. which regulates the fuel distributor, the pressure regulator which keeps the primary pressure constant and performs a specific shut-off function when the engine is stopped, and the electronic control unit.

How does K Jetronic work?

An air enters to the air filter, then it enters into the engine cylinders through the air flow sensor and throttle valve. Therefore, the rotary-type fuel pump with electric drive supplies fuel from the tank. The fuel enters to the fuel accumulator through the filter.

What is mechanical fuel injection?

Mechanical fuel injection works with a simple throttle-controlled air valve and a fuel pump, usually running at one-half engine speed. After pulling fuel from a vented fuel tank, the fuel is delivered through a barrel valve that controls the amount of fuel with the position of the air valve.

What is CIS fuel injection?

The continuous injection system (CIS) is so-called because, unlike many other fuel injection systems, the injectors do not open and close-they deliver fuel continuously. The main function of the fuel injectors is to atomize the continuous flow of fuel being supplied under pressure from the fuel distributor.

What are three types of fuel injection systems?

What Are The Different Types of Fuel Injection?

  • Single-point or throttle body injection.
  • Port or multipoint fuel injection.
  • Sequential fuel injection.
  • Direct injection.

Can you clean a fuel accumulator?

If your vehicle has an electric fuel pump, you can use a fuel system cleaner to clear any sediment buildup or blockage. If you have a manual one (usually found in older model vehicles), you can actually open the pump to clear debris out of its internal filter, though that isn’t an option in most modern vehicles.

What is the function of an accumulator in a fuel injection system?

Accumulator. An accumulator serves to increase the volume of fluid in a system. In fuel injections systems, it serves to maintain a constant pressure and dampen pressure fluctuations when fuel is injected into the combustion chamber.

Is KE Jetronic reliable?

There are some other parts that can be problematic like the warm up regulator. All in all, K-jet is a pretty reliable system. Most of its problems are created by people who don’t know how to work on it. I would replace all of the boots and air lines you can and go from there.

What is cold start injector?

The cold start injector, also referred to as the cold start valve, is an engine management component found on many road going vehicles. It’s purpose is to supply the engine with additional fuel to enrich the fuel mixture in cold temperatures where air density is increased and additional fuel is required.

What is the fuel pressure on a direct injection engine?

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Differences Between Gasoline Direct Injection And Traditional Port Fuel Injection
Where fuel is applied Combustion chamber
Fuel rail pressure 2,200 psi
Fuel apply (crank degrees) Approximately 310 degrees