Where is the Ob sea?

Where is the Ob sea?

Northern Russia
The Gulf of Ob (also known as Ob Bay) (Russian: О́бская губа́, Obskaya guba) is a bay of the Arctic Ocean, located in Northern Russia at the mouth of the Ob River. It is the world’s longest estuary.

Why is the Ob River so important?

The Ob River runs a course through the middle of Russia’s largest and most important gas and oil region. The West Siberian Basin, a vast region of tundra and taiga in north-central Russia, contributes about two-thirds of the country’s crude oil and natural gas output.

Where is Gulf of Ob?

Gulf of Ob, Russian Obskaya Guba, large inlet of the Kara Sea indenting northwestern Siberia, between the peninsulas of Yamal and Gyda, in north-central Russia. The gulf forms the outlet for the Ob River, the delta of which is choked by a huge sandbar.

What sea does the Ob River flow into?

Kara Sea
Gulf of Ob
Ob River/Mouths

What lives in the Ob River?

Minks, wolves, Siberian moles, otters, beavers, and ermines are some of the native mammalian species of these ecosystems. The lower reaches of the Ob River have an Arctic tundra type of habitat, itself characterized by an ice- and snow-covered landscape for a greater part of the year.

What sea is at the mouth of the Ob River?

Does the Ob River freeze?

Ice forms on the Ob from the end of October to the second week of November, after which the lower reaches begin to freeze solid. By the last week of November the entire river is frozen; the upper reaches remain frozen for some 150 days, the lower for 220.

What countries does the Ob River flow through?

The river flows through Russia and covers a distance of 2,268 miles. The main course of the Ob River is situated in Russia. The river has numerous tributaries some of which flow from Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. The river’s biggest tributary is the Irtysh River which originates in China.

What fish live in the Ob River?

Of some 50 species of fish found in the river or in the gulf, the most valuable economically are several varieties of sturgeon and such “whitefish” as nelma (Stenodus leucichthys nelma), muksun (Coregonus muksun), tschirr (C. nasus), and peled (C. pelea); pike, burbot, Siberian dace, carp, and perch are also caught.

Is the Ob River polluted?

The Ob River suffers from radioactive pollution introduced by the nuclear power plants operating in Russia.