Who is Groupe Zannier?

Who is Groupe Zannier?

Groupe Zannier, created by Roger Zannier and his sister Josette Redon, is the world leader in children’s clothing, thanks to the balanced presence of its brands in all market segments and all channels of distribution. Through the diversity and the complementary nature of its brands, Groupe Zannier offers its customers a comprehensive range.

How big is Zannier’s international business?

The completion of that merger, with a total cost to Zannier of nearly FFr 330 million, will boost Zannier’s international organization to more than 700 stores and annual sales of more than FFR 4 billion.

When did Zannier become a global fashion brand?

In May 2000, Zannier increased its worldwide status through the acquisition of Génération Y2K, the Barclays Private Equity vehicle holding children’s clothing brands Catimini, IKKS, and Jean Bourget.

Who are Roger Zannier and Marc Monrose?

Roger Zannier and his son-in-law, Marc Monrose, are in charge of two wine estates. They cultivate authentic wines with passion and tenacity, resulting in outstanding products. They are located in the Douro Valley in Portugal ( Quinta Do Pessegueiro) and in the heart of Provence, near Saint-Tropez ( Château Saint-Maur, Cru Classé ).

Why choose Zannini group?

Zannini Group is able to perform precision manufacturing on mechanical machines and numerical control. Moreover it provides complete products, from superficial and heat treatments to assemblages. Read more…

How did Zannier become so successful?

Next, Zannier launched a takeover of rival French company Groupe Poron, which with FFr 750 million in annual sales, added that company’s Absorba brand and gave Zannier the world leadership position in the children’s clothing market. The takeover of Poron enabled Zannier’s annual sales to top FFr 2 billion by 1992.