Who is the most famous car racer?

Who is the most famous car racer?

The 10 Greatest Race Car Drivers Of All Time

  1. Mario Andretti. At number one sits Mario Andretti, the Italian-American race car legend who transcended motorsport.
  2. Michael Schumacher.
  3. Dale Earnhardt.
  4. Ayrton Senna.
  5. Nigel Mansell.
  6. Richard Petty.
  7. Jimmie Johnson.
  8. A.J. Foyt.

What is the name of the racing driver?


Driver Name Nationality Seasons Competed
Fernando Alonso~ Spain 2001, 2003–2018, 2021–2022
Giovanna Amati Italy 1992
George Amick United States 1958
Red Amick United States 1959–1960

Who is the Top 10 NASCAR drivers?


1 Chase Elliott #9 10
2 Ross Chastain #1 10
3 Kyle Busch #18 11
4 Ryan Blaney #12 8

Who is the fastest race car driver?

By driver

Rank Driver Fastest laps
1 Michael Schumacher 77
2 Lewis Hamilton 59
3 Kimi Räikkönen 46
4 Alain Prost 41

Who is the best American driver?

Top 10 American F1 drivers ranked: Andretti, Hill, Gurney and…

  • Danny Sullivan, Tyrrell 011. Photo by: Sutton Images.
  • Mark Donohue, Penske PC1 Ford. Photo by: Rainer W.
  • Harry Schell, BRM P25.
  • Masten Gregory.
  • Eddie Cheever, Alfa Romeo 184T.
  • Peter Revson, McLaren M19C Ford.
  • Richie Ginther, BRM P261.
  • Phil Hill, Ferrari 156.

Who is the best sprint car driver?

Kyle Larson
Wing 410 Driver Ratings

# Driver Wins
1 Kyle Larson 38
2 Brad Sweet 22
3 David Gravel 24
4 Carson Macedo 22

Who is the current best NASCAR driver?

Ross Chastain
NASCAR Power Rankings: Ross Chastain vaults to the top after three consecutive top-3 finishes

Rank Driver
1 Ross Chastain
2 Chase Elliott
3 Aric Almriola
4 Chase Briscoe

Who’s the best NASCAR racer?

Richard Petty is the best NASCAR driver of all time. Although his record of seven championships is tied with Dale Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson, Petty holds the records for most wins, poles, career starts, wins in a season (27), consecutive wins (10), and Daytona 500 wins (7), among other distinctions.

Who is the best driver in world?

F1 drivers ranked by wins

Driver Races Started Wins
Lewis Hamilton 295 103
Michael Schumacher 308 91
Sebastian Vettel 284 53
Alain Prost 199 51

Who is a famous racecar driver?

Richard Petty, knows as ‘The King’ is one of the greatest NASCAR drivers of all-time – his 7 NASCAR Championship and 200 wins to this day is unsurpassed. He also won the Daytona 500 seven times and won ten consecutive races in 1967. Richard Petty also has 700 top 10 finishes in his 1,184 starts.

Who is the best driver in the world?

F1 drivers ranked by wins

Driver Races Started Wins
Lewis Hamilton 296 103
Michael Schumacher 308 91
Sebastian Vettel 285 53
Alain Prost 199 51

Who is hot in NASCAR?

1. Kyle Busch (LW: 1) Kyle Busch knocked off another top-5 finish after ending the Kansas race in third place. Busch stays on top of Sportsnaut’s NASCAR power rankings and continues his hot stretch.

Who is the most famous NASCAR driver of all time?

1. Dale Earnhardt. Why He’s Here: Earnhardt won only one Most Popular Driver award, and it came posthumously after his death in the last-lap accident in the 2001 Daytona 500.

Who is the most successful NASCAR driver of all time?

NASCAR Power Rankings of Cup drivers of all time. 1. Jimmie Johnson — As time passes, his accomplishments will be further revered. It seems likely that his five consecutive championships will join the mark of Richard Petty’s 200 Cup wins as records that will never be broken.

Who is the fastest car racer in the world?

Michael Schumacher holds the record for the highest total of fastest laps with 77. Lewis Hamilton is second with 59, while Kimi Räikkönen is third with 46. Gerhard Berger has the most fastest laps among non-world champions, with 21.