Who plays for the brass spittoon?

Who plays for the brass spittoon?

11 Michigan State, the Old Brass Spittoon is on the line, a trophy played for annually when the Hoosiers take on the Spartans. The two teams will battle for the 68th time on Oct. 16, and for the 64th time in the history of the series, the winner will take home the trophy.

What trophy does Michigan State play Indiana?

Old Brass Spittoon
Indiana–Michigan State football rivalry

Trophy Old Brass Spittoon
Meetings total 68
All-time series Michigan State leads, 49–17–2
Largest victory Michigan State, 54–0 (1957)

Are Michigan and Indiana rivals?

Michigan football vs. Indiana: one of the Big Ten’s lopsided rivalries.

What is a spittoon used for?

Due to the widespread use of chewing tobacco in the 19th century, spittoons were a common fixture in public areas, including railroad stations. Their intended purpose was collecting tobacco juice spit from a distance; so typically, they were built heavy and low to the ground, with a wide mouth or funneled top.

Who carved the Paul Bunyan trophy?

G. Mennen Williams put the trophy into circulation. It’s four feet tall and made of wood, showing Paul Bunyan with an axe and feet planted on the state of Michigan.

What are the Big 10 trophies?

Big Ten conference rivalry games

Game Trophy First Year
Michigan State–Penn State Land Grant Trophy 1914
Michigan–Michigan State Paul Bunyan Trophy 1898
Michigan–Minnesota Little Brown Jug 1892
Michigan-Northwestern George Jewett Trophy 1892

How does Michigan win the Big Ten?

2 Michigan defeated No. 13 Iowa in a 42-3 blowout in the 2021 Big Ten Football Championship game Saturday evening at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. With 67,183 fans in attendance — the most ever at a Big Ten Football Championship Game — the Wolverines put on a show, holding the Hawkeyes to a single field goal.

What are brass spittoons?

A spittoon (or spitoon) is a receptacle made for spitting into, especially by users of chewing and dipping tobacco. Durable and ever lasting, washable. On account of its bright, golden color, the brass material has been widely accepted in home designs.

Who won the Paul Bunyan in 2020?

Michigan State’s
Spartan nation celebrated Michigan State’s 27-24 upset over No. 13 Michigan in October, bringing home the coveted Paul Bunyan trophy and marking Mel Tucker’s first win over our in-state rival. It was also the latest reminder for football fans that the 2020 season was anything but predictable.

Why does Michigan have the Paul Bunyan trophy?

The Spartans currently hold the trophy after an upset victory over the Wolverines last season on Halloween. The trophy is known officially as the Paul Bunyan – Governor of Michigan Trophy. According to the University of Michigan, it was first presented in 1953 in the game between the Wolverines and Spartans.

Is there a trophy between Michigan and Ohio State?

Trophy. There’s no trophy for this game, because there’s already so much at stake.

Are Michigan and Minnesota rivals?

Michigan is the current holder of the jug with a 49–24 victory on October 24, 2020. Through the end of the 2020 season, Michigan leads the series, 76–25–3….Accomplishments by the two rivals.

Team Michigan Minnesota
All-time win percentage .729 .569

Are brass spittoons worth anything?

Reproductions of old brass spittoons have minimal value, usually less than $30. Older ones such as graniteware spittoons average around $100; jar spittoons (with lids) for tuberculosis sufferers are rarer, and can sell for around $150. A signed Red Wing stoneware spittoon in mint condition can fetch $1,000 or more.