Who were the 7 gods of Egypt?

Who were the 7 gods of Egypt?

Meet the Egyptian Gods

  • Ra. The god of the sun, Ra was the first pharaoh of the world, back in the days when gods inhabited Egypt.
  • Geb and Nut. The god of the earth, Geb was one of the first gods to appear from the sea of chaos at the beginning of time.
  • Shu.
  • Osiris.
  • Isis.
  • Set.
  • Nephthys.
  • Horus.

What are the 9 main Egyptian gods?

Ennead – The nine gods worshipped at Heliopolis who formed the tribunal in the Osiris Myth: Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Nephthys, and Set. These nine gods decide whether Set or Horus should rule in the story The Contendings of Horus and Set. They were known as The Great Ennead.

What are 6 different Egyptian gods?

Top Egyptian Gods and their Powers.

  • The Egyptian God, Ra – God of the Sun.
  • The Egyptian God, Osiris – God of Death.
  • The Egyptian God, Horus – God of Goodness & Light.
  • The Egyptian God, Seth – God of War.
  • The Egyptian God, Anubis – God of the Dead & Mummification.
  • The Egyptian God, Amun – God of The Air.

What god is Moon Knight?

Khonshu is the Heliopolis god of the moon and vengeance, working through his servant Marc Spector, the vigilante known as Moon Knight!

What god does the owl represent?

In Greek mythology, a little owl (Athene noctua) traditionally represents or accompanies Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom, or Minerva, her syncretic incarnation in Roman mythology.

Who is the strongest Egyptian god in Marvel?

Osiris. Osiris is the leader of the Heliopolitan pantheon and the most powerful of the gods.

Who is the most popular Egyptian god?

Ra was the sun god. He was the most important god of the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians believed that Ra was swallowed every night by the sky goddess Nut, and was reborn every morning. The ancient Egyptians also believed that he travelled through the underworld at night.

What are the 114 gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt?

Gods of ancient Egypt. Ra Egyptian god; Amun Egyptian god; Osiris Egyptian god; Isis Egyptian god; Horus Egyptian god; Aten Egyptian god; Hathor goddess; Nut goddess; Geb Egyptian god; Set Egyptian god; Sekhmet Egyptian god; Sobek Egyptian god; Bastet Egyptian god; Anubis Egyptian god; Thoth Egyptian god . 1-Ra Egyptian god

Who was the most important Egyptian god?

Amun was a major Egyptian deity. Amun was one of Ancient Egypt’s most important gods.

  • Anubis: Protector of the underworld. Anubis is probably one of the most iconic and better-known of the Egyptian pantheon.
  • Horus is watching you! The Eye of Horus.
  • Osiris was Horus’ father.
  • Bastet: The Cat Warrior Goddess.
  • Set the Betrayer!
  • Ra: The Sun God.
  • What are the Egyptian gods and their roles?


  • Hor
  • Harendotes/Har-nedj-itef (Horus the Avenger)
  • Har-Pa-Neb-Taui (Horus Lord of the Two Lands)