Who won GBB 2012?

Who won GBB 2012?

GBB 2012

Event date(s) Venue / held Categories Champion
April 3 Kaserne Rossstall (Basel, Switzerland) Solo Ball-Zee

What is the biggest beatbox competition in the world?

The Beatbox Battle World Championship (BBBWC) is hosted triennially (every three years) hosted by Beatbox Battle Tv in a week-long festival held in Berlin, Germany.

Who won 2021 Gbb?

Solo Loopstation

Name Qualification
Chris TheOdian 10th GBB 2020 Wildcard Winner
Frosty Grand Beatbox Battle Online 2020 Champion
Dice 1st GBB 2021 Wildcard Winner
M-Age 3rd GBB 2021 Wildcard Winner

Who won the 2021 Gbb?

Solo Loopstation

Name Qualification
Dice 1st GBB 2021 Wildcard Winner
M-Age 3rd GBB 2021 Wildcard Winner
Matej 4th GBB 2021 Wildcard Winner
BizKit 5th GBB 2021 Wildcard Winner*

Who won GBB 2017?


Beatboxer Classification
Alexinho GBB 7toSmoke 2016 Winner
Hiss Wildcard (1st)
Thorsen Wildcard (2nd)
Jayton Wildcard (3rd)

Who won Grand beatbox 2018?

ALEXINHO | Beatbox Battle World Champion 2018 Alexinho is the Beatbox Battle World Champion 2018.

Who won the GBB 2017?

Who won beatbox 2021?

Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! The Online World Beatbox Championship 2021 was the 2nd edition of the Online World Beatbox Championship, an annual international online beatboxing competition organized by Beatbox Community.

How old is beatboxing?

“Human beatboxing” in hip-hop originated in the 1980s. Its early pioneers include Doug E.

What is D low real name?

Dan Lowes
Dan Lowes (born October 10, 1996), better known as D-low, is an English beatboxer. He was inspired to start beatboxing after watching Beardyman performing it.

How many times did codfish win?

Codfish returned to the big stage in 2017, winning three battles that year; the Sydney Beatbox Royale Championship, BeatNation Aus 7 to Smoke Battle and the Australian Beatbox Championships. Also in 2017, Codfish attended the first World Beatbox Camp with fellow Australian beatboxer, Gale.